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By Mario McKellop

Although crime in the United States has been on a downward trend in recent decades, things have changed in recent years. In September 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that violent crime increased for the second year in a row. Additionally, the Los Angeles Times recently reported that LA County has seen a 6 percent increase in property crime. To protect their homes and families from this uptick in crime, Los Angeles homeowners should invest in a home security solution by Crimsafe.

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What Crimsafe offers homeowners

Crimsafe makes the best in class security screens that offer a number of benefits. The secret to these screens, which can be used to secure windows and doors, is that they are made with Tensile-Tuff Mesh. Made out of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, these 0.9 mm mesh screens are 26.5 percent thicker at the cross-section than industry-standard 0.8 mm screens. Consequently, they cannot be cut, kicked in or pried loose.

Intruder protection that outperforms the rest

While chain hardware stores are filled with security screens of varying quality and price, Crimsafe’s products stand alone in terms of comprehensive protection. As verified by independent University research teams, Crimsafe’s security screens possess remarkable attenuation properties. The University’s testing verified that the company’s screens can withstand impacts reaching 550 joules (J). As a 189-pound man can charge, kick and punch with the force of 100J, Crimsafe’s screens offer a superior level protection against impact attacks.

Additionally, knife shearing tests found that Crimsafe’s screens can stand up to small and medium blade assaults with 350 Newtons (N) of force and constant downward pressure of 150N. Crimsafe’s screens have also met governmental standards regarding resistance to tooled attacks. Intruders using a screwdriver and up to 450N of rotational force can’t get past the fastening, hinging and locking points around a Crimsafe’s screen. It’s also worth noting that the company’s Tensile-Tuff Mesh is ruggedized to resist attempts by thieves to pull the screens from their housings.

Fringe benefits

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Although the primary function of Crimsafe’s screens is to keep intruders out, they also offer consumers a number of fringe benefits. As a result of extensive testing, Crimsafe’s screens can improve window energy efficiency by as much as 53 percent. The Tensile-Tuff Mesh had been found to reduce ultraviolet radiation by as much as 62 percent.

And as the mesh can withstand projectiles and debris propelled by wind gusts of up to 244 mph, they can help keep your family safe during storm season. Also, as Crimsafe’s screens are made of corrosion resistant steel with apertures that keep out objects of 2mm in diameter, so they can protect against the embers that float through the air during a brush fire.

Safety and Style

Lastly, another good reason to use Crimsafe products to protect your home and family is their screens address both security and aesthetic concerns. As opposed to bulkier and less comprehensive anti-intrusion measures burglary bars, Crimsafe’s screens don’t make the exterior of your home look ugly and uninviting. And they don’t stop homeowners from enjoying LA County’s iconic beautiful views.

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