LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Doctors said a 15-year-old shot in the head was “extremely lucky.”

The victim was wounded during a campus shooting Thursday morning at Sal Castro Middle School in the 1500 block of West Second Street in the Westlake District.

The shooter, believed to be a 12-year-old female, is in custody.

Randy Paige reported from County-USC Medical where four victims were taken.

In addition to the student shot in the head, another — a female — was shot in the wrist. Two more students received what were described as “minor” graze wounds.

Normally, someone being shot in the head would cause a host of serious injuries.

But Paige reports that wasn’t the case for the boy shot in the head.

“This child was extremely lucky,” said Dr. Aaron Strumwasser, “The trajectory of the bullet did not hit any vital structures or any that would be a threat to life. So, I think he will do fine. I just examined him less than 15 minutes ago. I spoke his family, I talked to his mom and I anticipate he’ll make a full recovery.”

The boy was in intensive care as of 5 p.m. Paige reported but more out of “an abundance of caution.”

Dr. Strumwasser said the girl who had been shot in the wrist received only minor injuries.

“First and foremost, we’re glad that nobody was killed and this was not a bigger tragedy,” said LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

He then posed the question that is being asked around the city today? “How does a 12-year-old get a gun into a middle school?”

How and why are among the central questions. Police have yet to say. But LA School Police Chief Steve Zimmerman offered a suggestion.

“The majority of the weapons that our young people get their hands on today is result of weapon they get from home or a family members home,” Zimmerman said.

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer said today’s school shooting was another near tragedy and this one should get everyone’s attention.

“This is a very important call to action to every adult in our community who has a gun. You must store it safely and keep it out of access for any child to reach,” Feuer said.

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