PORTER RANCH (CBSLA) — A Porter Ranch family was very lucky no one was home when a tree came crashing down on their house.

As KCAL9/CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen reports, the tree fell onto the home on Nestle Avenue north of Chatsworth Street just before noon Saturday.

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The homeowner said the roof was under quite a bit of stress from the weight of the tree.

The family was at their daughter’s basketball game when the tree fell. Around noon the husband came home and to his surprise the tree was resting against the house.

As of Saturday evening the tree was sitting on top of the two children’s bedrooms.

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“It makes me feel really scared,” said 10-year-old Isabella Haydostian. “The view is like, you just see a lot of branches and it looks like it’s going to break the window.”

“Luckily none of us were here when it happened,” said homeowner Gaby Martinez. “We had called the city sometime in November and told them ‘hey, this tree looks dead. It needs to be taken care of. Probably need to cut it down. There’s branches that are falling.’ ”

Earlier in the day a city inspector was at the home and green-tagged the house, which means it is livable. But the family isn’t sure when the tree will be cleared.

The family believes the responsibility belongs to the city because the tree was on the sidewalk and not on their property.

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Meanwhile the plan for the family is stay on the other side of the house. They said they were worried about Saturday night when more winds were expected in the area.