LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A woman arrested by an MTA police officer following an incident on the Metro Red Line commented on the altercation during a press conference Friday, claiming that she was denied food and water by police.

Selena Lechuga said she was on her way to work when she claimed to “see and hear the hostility from an MTA policeman to a young woman for allegedly putting her foot on a seat.”

Lechuga, who then approached and also began harassing the officer, was subsequently arrested.

“I am proud of this, I am proud of what I did,” said the 22-year-old. “I took action and was punished for my courage.”

The incident, which was recorded on camera, shows Lechuga yelling expletives at the officers as well as spitting at one of the officers while being taken into custody.

“I stand for what I have done in the sense that I am standing up for this movement,” Lechuga said when asked if she condones spitting on an officer. “We need to defend ourselves in any way shape or form.”

Lechuga was detained at Los Angeles County Jail for 24 hours before posting bail.

Comments (5)
  1. Ed Kaiser says:

    Proud? REALLY? Spitting on the police? What a SKANK – I hope you are banned for LIFE from MTA

  2. https://www.facebook.com/selenalettuce Not a person of very good character according to her FB page. Too many selfies and weed…. not really dealing with a full deck…

  3. You want to live in a safe place but you do not respect the same law that protects you. Disgraceful that we consider a lawsuit. As a lawbiding taxpayer I hope the City Attorney prosecutes and not settles.It could have been settled by taking your feet off the effing seat….THESE ARE PROBLEM PEOPLE….

  4. Foot on your bus seat = “law that protects you” lmao gtfoh.
    “Not of good character” based on subservient american ideals. fail
    I hope that same MTA bus hits all you fake ass law enforcement internet goons.

    1. She stood up to injustice, cops micro managing, if she and the other woman were white I doubt this would happened.

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