LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  —  Laura Wasser has handled some of the highest profile divorce cases in recent memory.

Her clients include Angelina Jolie, Maria Shriver, Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian.

Divorces, Wasser says, can cost as much as $15,000, and that’s for one not terribly complicated.

CBS2’s Lisa Sigell reports, Wasser has come up with a website that allows the user to have a do-it-yourself divorce for a fraction of the cost.

Wasser knows most everything is done online these days — shopping and dating come to mind. So why not divorce, too? Her website is ItsOverEasy.com

“It’s a platform that allows you go to go online,” says Wasser, “invite your friends to join, fill out the necessary paperwork that will be filed in your state. Then your state effectuates an entire divorce, all without ever having to leave your apartment.”

Using videos, Wasser said, the site takes you through everything, including child support, spousal support, property division and child custody.

While divorces can range from $15,000-20,000 for the most basic, her basic fee is $750 plus court costs.

“For many people, the $750 price point will absolutely get them through it,” she says.

The site also features self-help articles on subjects like coping, getting over your spouse, questions children will ask and writing or changing your will.

An online divorce won’t be for everyone, Wasser says. But she believes for many it will save them time, money, stress or headaches.


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