GARDEN GROVE (CBSLA) — When Mym Pham jumped in the shower Thursday morning he had no idea his home was about to burst into flames. When he heard the fire alarm, he turned off the shower, ripped down the shower curtain, wrapped it around himself and ran out of the burning house.  

A neighbor shot cell phone video. It shows the electrical engineer watching in disbelief as his home of twenty years burns down. He says he was in shock.

CBS2’s Stacey Butler spoke with the man outside his home Thursday Evening. He was in a friend’s truck with burns all over his body, wearing borrowed clothes. He says he lost everything. Clothes, cell phones, paperwork, photos and his brand new high-end kitchen appliances he just installed in hopes a remodeled kitchen would help him reconcile with his ex wife.

“It was top of the line, very nice. That’s what I wanted to woo my wife with,” Pham said.

Other than the minor burns, Pham and others staying with him were not hurt. He is getting help from the Red Cross.

“Life has a funny way,” Pham said. “It turns you upside down. Who knows maybe I’ll find a break in it.”

Investigators are still looking for a cause of the fire.


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