LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A Los Angeles councilman is demanding answers after a David Goldstein investigation of the Police Department’s $10 million fleet of electric BMWs found some sitting in the garage and others being misused.

Here is a full script of Goldstein’s followup report.

“Do you think the $10 million — do you think the money was wasted?”

“I think it’s been wasted to date.”

LA Councilman Mitch Englander is responding to our investigation.

“This is part of a million-dollar pilot program. You’re really supposed to get a manicure using the BMWs?”

We caught an LAPD commander using one of the department’s $10 million fleet of electric BMWs to get her nails done.

“Is it supposed to be used to get a manicure?”

We also obtained mileage logs on all of the electric cars, which showed some of them are sitting in the garage with only a few thousand or a few hundred miles on them.

Like this one in service since May 27, 2016, with just 400 miles on it!

LAPD Assistant Chief Jorge Villegas defended the program.

“It’s all a part of saving the Earth, going green (but) and quite frankly, to try and save money for the community and the taxpayers.”

Englander disagrees.

“Not in my view! That’s a great spin, but no! It’s not good use when you buy something and it just sits there and it’s not being utilized. That’s not a good use of taxpayer funds or resources.”

The cars are supposed to be used for administrative purposes and nonemergencies. But sources say department personnel are reluctant to use them because they only go 80-100 miles on a charge. Two hundred have been delivered with an additional hundred due later this year, but Englander isn’t sure that’s good use of taxpayer money.

“I don’t know until we see that plan. Right now? I’m convinced we shouldn’t, but I want to hear more.”

The councilman has introduced a motion in the City Council’s Public Safety Committee to have the LAPD report back within 30 days on whats going on with the program.

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  1. its about time this is investigated. there is waste in the City of Los Angeles and The County of Los Angeles departments that get overlooked

  2. Garbage. This report indicates either ignorance or willful misrepresentation of city fleet car use, policies, and required procedures. For instance; older vehicles MUST be used to a certain high mileage before they can be retired in favor of newer models such as these electric cars. Also these electric cars may be fast enough for a pursuit, but not large enough for transporting a suspect safely after arrest. Also their range is less than the length of the city, soooooo…. of limited usage.

  3. Yeah this will save the earth. Go green. Save the EARTH, don’t drive it. Leave it in the lot. Yeah that’s it.

  4. Pat Fehr says:

    should have got Chevy Bolts, they go up tp 240 miles on charge and it’s a real car with 4 doors and cheaper. Whoever signed on for the BMW’s should be fired. Something fishy going on?

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