DIAMOND BAR (CBSLA)  —  Some homeowners in Diamond Bar say their neighborhood has recently seen a rash of break-ins and robberies in the past week.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is many of the robberies were captured on security video with very clear visuals of the thieves.

CBS2’s Jo Kwon says at least one neighbor thinks the same group is responsible for a majority of the crimes.

Alex Chang, the homeowner, didn’t want to show his face. He had a video, though, that showed several intruders showing theirs.

At the moment the three men realized they were being recorded, they ripped the home security camera off the wall.

Chang had just returned home from having dinner with his family.

“I open the garage and I see my backdoor is open. It’s kind of weird. So I just realized somebody just broke into my house,” Chang said.

He walked inside and found a mess.

“All the stuff just all around the house,” Chang said.

The sliding glass door was also shattered.

“So scary,” he said.

He posted his video on the neighborhood’s Facebook page. That is how he found out another house, just two miles away, had also been hit.

That crime occurred Monday, and in another video, the burglars are also seen getting into a white sedan.

Chang believes there have been five break-ins in the area in just the past five days.

“We all know those guys [are] still around Diamond Bar area,” he said.

LA County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they’re looking into at least three break-ins in the area since Saturday.

In the meantime, they have advice on how to keep your home safe:

* Create the illusion someone is home by leaving a TV or radio and the lights on.

* Don’t let the mail pile up outside your home.

* Alert friends and neighbors when you’re going out of town and give a key to one of them in case there is an emergency.

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