LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — California is now accepting applications for a new type of ID that will soon be required at all federal checkpoints and to get on a plane.

Starting on Oct. 1, 2020, current California drivers licenses won’t be accepted at federal checkpoints or as identification for boarding a plane – instead, the Real ID will be needed for those activities.

To get a Real ID, applicants have to go in person to the DMV with proof of identity like a birth certificate or a passport, plus two documents proving residency, like a mortgage or lease, and a utility bill.

Applicants also need proof of a valid social security number.

The federally-compliant Real ID is not needed in order to drive, receive federal benefits, enter a federal facility that is open to the public – like a post office – or visit a hospital or emergency room.

Children under 18 are also not required by TSA to provide identification when traveling domestically with a companion.

California is expecting 60 percent of people with a California driver’s licenses or ID cards to apply.

  1. Why? (And, how much more will this idiotic idea cost the taxpayer?).

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