PERRIS (CBSLA) — As support continues for the Perris children of one of the country’s worst child abuse cases ever, reports of the parents’ interest in reality TV show has surfaced.

A sign taped to the front door, apparently illustrated by neighborhood kids reads: We stand united with the Turpin children.

A source close to the investigation tells CBS News all 13 sons and daughters of David and Louise Turpin  were astounded that people wanted to help them, after they received clothes and shoes. The children asked to stay together and the source said they did not ask about their parents.

Although this is one of the most severe cases of child abuse in the county’s history, authorities here say they didn’t receive any reports of suspected abuse.

“We did not get one phone call nor did the police department,” Mary Parks, of Riverside Social Services, said.  “And we have staffs, teams of professionals, that man our hotlines 24/7, trained to take those calls. How sad is that?  Not one phone call.”

On Monday Louise Turpin’s brother told Inside Edition that his sister was a fan of the reality show Kate Plus 8.

Billy Lambert said his sister imagined that one day her family might be featured in a reality show of their own.

“I believe that my sister wanted a reality show because the very last conversation I had with her before all this happened, she did actually say that she felt they would be perfect for TV at one point,” Lambert said.

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  1. Jerry Walton says:

    Only TV Show they need to be a part of is Cops.

  2. Gig Giacona says:

    Considering the state of reality TV the mother is right.

  3. Rob Garland says:

    Perfect for TV alright… Court TV.

  4. How many more before we ban reality tv shows

  5. In the immortal words of, Balloon Boy… “we did it for the show”.

  6. Grizz Mann says:

    Democrats do live in imaginary worlds, where all is normal.

  7. Leslie Green says:

    Have these parents had any psych exams?

  8. I’d watch it.
    Won’t watch the NFL, but I’d watch that.

  9. Paul Roberts says:

    What a reality show that would have been! Right out of Boris Karloff

  10. Les Taylor says:

    Or the NEWS media pre-empting regular programming to “cover” a mass killing

  11. only reality show they could have been on is hoarders, 13 kids what the christ?

  12. They would be perfect for an episode of “Hoarders: Buried Alive”

  13. Plarp Zootie says:

    If you own something, it’s yours and you have property rights to it.

    Parents own their children like they own dogs and cats, so it follows logically that since you can starve your pets to death legally then you must be allowed to starve your children too.

    With Liberty.

  14. harris9513 says:

    Hey CBS LA – NEWSFLASH – The whole country knows them as the “Turpin family” and the “Turpin children.” Most of us don’t remember that it was Perris CA. While the city has certainly been named in every story, it wasn’t well known or featured front and center. The family’s name, however, was etched in our memories from day 1. Only in the last 24 hrs. have we started to see “Perris family’ this and that – and I don’t know if the Chamber of Commerce is trying to attract tourism or what – but I thought “Perris Parents” must be a different case from the “Turpin parents.” You guys are nuts – and so are any other news outlets using the city as the headliner!

  15. harris9513 says:

    Okay, now I’m starting to get suspicious like another commenter somewhere that I thought was nuts. TWELVE home-schooled kids keeping journals – one with nearly a 4.0 average – not one call of abuse; pictures from Disneyland and Vegas, beautiful pics of the kids…is the media really telling us the truth here? Remember how you didn’t trust the media BEFORE this story?

  16. The selfish, ugly, dirty, evil parents need to be TORTURED! They need to be treated like what they did to those kids because life in a cell is nothing compared to what the innocent children endured after being treated like slaves. Set the parents on FIRE! Anyone who disagrees with that is inadvertently allowing monsters to get away with torturing innocent children.

  17. So the woman liked Kate Plus 8. Who paid their cable bill?

  18. “As support continues for the Perris children (across the nation) … A sign taped to the front door, apparently illustrated by neighborhood kids reads: We stand united with the Turpin children.”

    What does this even mean. All of their concerns are now being looked after by massive teams of professionals, maybe even to the childrens’ detriment. Indeed, the local clinicians must be dying for a shot with these kids, these celebrities, these oddities — especially the counselors, social workers and shrinks.

    And you never met them; you don’t know them. Your “support” is token and serves only to aggrandize yourselves by attaching yourselves to them in any way, even tangentially. Their story will come out eventually and we can all gawk at them, from a safe distance.

  19. Dent Cermak says:

    Actually Dad’s hair cut was enough to call the authorities.

    1. Everyone should be suspicious of any man who hs that hair style today. OK, maybe 1975 this would have been somewhat normal, but not today. Half his head shaved, the other half a mixture of purple and lime green with a horizontal Mohawk would me more normal than this nut-job’s hair today.

  20. Tom Hunt says:

    The only show they would qualify for would be Animal Planet.

  21. Jim Davidson says:

    This is the Church of What’s Happening Now Christianity at its best. Sad because these kids are ruined.

  22. Doug Day says:

    The Kids should stay in the house through a GoFundMe page and donations , the State can have a rep live there too….

  23. What the heck is with that morons hair