SANTA FE SPRINGS (CBSLA) —  Two people  inside a convertible Bentley were shot in Norwalk Thursday afternoon.

One of the victims — the passenger — was reported dead at the scene.

The driver was transported to a nearby hospital in unknown condition.

The grim discovery was made in the 9000 block of John Street in Santa Fe Springs around 4:30 p.m. after witnesses reported hearing gunfire.

The victims believed to have been shot in the 8800 block of Norwalk Avenue in Whittier and crashed apparently driving to get help, Stu Mundel reported in Sky9.

“We’re not sure where it started but what we do know is that we have evidence to suggest that the shooting occurred here. What transpired before the shooting, that’s still under investigation,” saidOfficer John Scoggins with the Whittier Police Department.

KCAL9’s Rachel Kim reported from the scene.

“Generally speaking,” said property watchman John Baker, “it’s calm and quiet around here. People just going about their business.”

When officers arrived on scene they found a male driver and male passenger had both been shot.

Police did not have a motive or a suspect, they said.

Whittier Police are investigating the shooting with the Norwalk Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators are trying to determine who the Bentley belongs to.

Baker said he’s never seen the car or the victims in the area before.

“If one out of a 100,000 cars on SoCal freeways are Bentleys, they’re not involved in stuff like this usually. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it was a stolen car or something,” said Baker.


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