LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  —  A false missile alert shocked and scared many LAX-bound passengers leaving Hawaii Saturday.

CBS2’s Greg Mills spoke to many of them as they landed in Los Angeles.

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“My heart really did sink. I was scared,” said Luke Kenton-Cashion.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 10 was just about to take off from Honolulu when many of the passengers got the alert.

It turned out to be a false alarm, of course, but many of the passengers that saw the 8:09 a.m. alert didn’t know that.

“I heard a couple other people on the plane, like their alerts were going off too,” said Taylor Takahata, “Then I read it. I got like super scared.”

“We were taxiing out and right as we about to get on the runway the alarm went off on my phone. I woke my mom up immediately,” said Kenton-Cashion.

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“He was like, mom, mom, there’s a ballistic missile alarm,” said Lynn Kenton.

“The first thing I think of is North Korea. I just hoped we got off the ground if there was a missile coming and I was glad we got,off pretty quickly,” said passenger John Longhurst.

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Foe 38 agonizing minutes, there was no way of knowing if the alert was a false alarm or not.

“So we’re looking at it. I’m trying to calm him down. His hands were shaking. He took my hand,” said Kenton.

Many spent the time worrying about friends and family back home.

“I didn’t know where it was going to hit. It was really scary,” said Takahata.

Meanwhile, other passenger hadn’t seen the alert and were blissfully unaware of the fear others were feeling.

“I just landed to a ton of texts from my parents and my friends and family, like there was a fake, a false alarm but we are safe, we’re fine,” said Sophia Krivatsy.

Takahata worried about friends and family back home for the duration of the flight.Nearly five hours.

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“Yeah that’s why I called them right away when I landed. Thank God they were okay,” Takahata said.