LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A massive “Oprah For President” billboard went up Friday near the heart of downtown Los Angeles amid speculation over whether the talk show mogul will make a run for the White House in 2020.

The sign was seen at 1828 Oak Street off the 10 and 110 freeway interchange, where Los Angeles-based LGBT clothing line “I Am Gay” says it hopes to start an “Oprah For President” movement in the city.

The sign went up Friday morning above Casa Vertigo in downtown Los Angeles.

It comes just days after Winfrey made a passionate Golden Globes speech that left some wondering whether she was eyeing a potential presidential bid.

Since then, Winfrey has stayed mum on her political plans, but close confidants like CBS This Morning’s Gayle King
said her friend is intrigued by the idea of a candidacy, but didn’t think she was actively considering it.

Friday’s banner surprise was more than a little reminiscent of another popup billboard that went up in downtown L.A. in Sept. 2015 after Kanye West’s announcement during the MTV Video Music Awards that he would run for president in 2020.

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  1. Tony Donato says:

    If she runs I will definitely invest in popcorn stocks.

  2. Randy Mcd says:

    Is the Liberal playing field really getting this slim? Fat girl pun intended. What a well rounded puppet she would be. I mean she really doesn’t have a clue now does she. Lets be real about these things America you’ve been in party mode far too long and things are getting real now.

  3. It’s as if the gods of history are playing a HUGE game with us! Elect Barack Hussein Obama when you KNOW even his name is fake. (Yes, I know what birth certificates looked like in 1953 and his was NOT RIGHT! I worked for our county’s health department, and in the office just next door to mine, worked a gal who was my age and we became friends, and she typed the birth certificates and had copies of EACH STATE’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE. His was NOT as was issued in Hawaii and I have NO IDEA why SO MANY LIED! The MEDIA CALLED US NAMES IF WE QUESTIONED WHAT HE WAS AND WHERE HE CAME FROM!!!! Why was the media not even curious? And, why weren’t we allowed to ask them and get an answer? Yet, he was elected and we will suffer for what he did to the USA, for the rest of our lives.

    NOW we are being told that Oprah is the answer!!! Answer to WHAT? The final destruction of the USA? The END of the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever known? That created a true middle class! And used our huge armies for good! And provided health care (BEFORE THE destructive trash of Obama-care). And, universal education! And public good! We DID NOT allow Obama and the EVIL George Soros to destroy us completely, and there were ENOUGH SMART people to SEE what Obama was doing, and set out to elect Donald Trump, who is working around the clock to save the USA! And he is making REAL PROGRESS! But, that progress is being HIDDEN by the media! WHY???? And, because he is making it look easy, we are SUPPOSED TO PUT OUR BLINDFOLDS ON AGAIN??? And elect OBAMA THE SECOND!!! NEVER!!!! I will die first!

  4. “… White people will just have to die,” Oprah Winfrey.

  5. Vertigo Oprah for President. Only in CA !

  6. oprah = a pimp for Harvey Weinstein.

  7. Bill Hyder says:

    All this woman knows how to do is give stuff away. Just what the country needs.

  8. David Gouge says:

    Noprah should run for CA governor first to show the country she can fix Global Warming, too much water, not enough water, taxes too low, housing too high, air too dirty, etc…. besides, lots of illegals could use a new car…

  9. Thankfully…..we don’t look for presidents in or near Hollywood.

  10. Jim Lively says:

    Well, if she did run it would be an interesting election.

  11. A little gasoline and a match anyone?

  12. Reed Smith says:

    hmmm; let me think on that for ju…no

  13. I think President Oprah would move forward with the legalization of drugs. Live free and make your own choices.

  14. Come on everyone————-it could be Winfrey/Weinstein ticket

  15. Clegg Jensen says:

    The State Department should issue a Travel Warning regarding the Banana Republic of California. Anyone who ignores the warning should at least get the full package of vaccines before traveling to that 3rd World Loony Bin.
    Furthermore, CA residents should be required to present a passport and a health certificate before being allowed to enter the United States of America.


  17. Don McCoy says:

    The media are as excited for Oprah as they were for Obama. ANOTHER “anointed one!” It’s funny, after how badly they hate Trump, to see them all happy and excited about Oprah! But that’s the “unbiased” MSM for you…

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