LOS ANGELES  (CBSLA)  —   Haitians across the world are expressing anger and upset over President Trump’s comments that their island nation is a “shithole.”

A doctor in Southern California — Haitian-born — is no exception.

CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen on Friday spoke to a surgeon who was angered and offended by the president’s comments.

“I felt a part of me being crushed and destroyed inside,” said Dr, Henri Ford.

He is the Chief of Surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Ford came to the U.S. from Haiti when he was 14. He barely spoke English — but he went on to graduate from Harvard Medical School.

So he was infuriated by the president asking lawmakers why we’re accepting more people from “shithole countries” such as places in Africa, El Salvador and Haiti.

“Coming from the president, it’s unconscionable,” Dr. Ford said.


The president on Friday denied using profanity in reference to Haiti — but the comments were confirmed by several people who attended the meeting.

The controversy has been painful for Ford because Friday was the 8th anniversary of the deadly 7.0 earthquake in Haiti that killed more than 200,000 people.

He went there to save lives by working out of a tent hospital and he used the sun to view X-rays.

And he’s gone back regularly to help the country.

In 2015  he helped to separate a pair of conjoined twins.

But he’s not the only member of the Ford family that’s given back.

Ford proudly shows a picture of his two brothers — they are also doctors at prestigious hospitals. And three of their four sisters are also health care providers.

“Haiti – one of the countries the president thinks so lowly of – yet we’ve made remarkable contributions to American society. We continue to help save lives. We’ve continued to make a difference for the American people,” Ford said.

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  1. Xenia Szabo says:

    Good for Dr. henri Ford for working hard to succeed in America. And good for his brothers. As an immigrant I also am gratefull for the opportunities this country gave me. But..the reality is that not every person who immigrated to this country comes here to work hard and succeed. Too many come here to take, take, take what our out of control socialist programs hand out. The time has come to revamp a broken immigration system, and decisions have to be made based on hard facts, not the exceptions to the rules, when determining what country’s immigrants have historically become contributing members of our society and which become a burden on taxpayers. If the data that President Trump and the decision makers indicates that immigrans from places like Haiti and Africa have not assimilated, become successful, contributed to our country’s economy, but that people’s from other countries, places that have historically done well economically and therefore can provide for all their citizens, are more suited to help America grow, then as responsible policy makers they need to create laws that help protect all American citizens and the future of this country’s. Is that being racist?

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