MONTEBELLO (CBSLA)   —   The man who owned the vehicle slammed into by a couple driving a stolen U-Haul truck is speaking out about his ordeal.

Yasher Alvarez was coming home from lunch on Wednesday when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Alvarez’ truck — an 18-year-old Chevy s-10 pickup — was totaled after the stolen car suspects crashed into him.

The victim spoke Saturday with CBS2’s Robert Gray.

Alvarez, 27,  told Gray that even days after the crash, he is literally still feeling the impact.

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“I went into the intersection,” Alvarez says, “and at the last second I saw the U-Haul with all the cops behind it. I didn’t hear any sirens. I heard the helicopters in the sky. But no cops.”

He knew a chase was going on in East LA — in fact, he even texted his wife to steer clear of it. And then he found himself in the middle of the action.

He took a direct him from the truck and it destroyed his livelihood.

“It’s my income,” he said, “Completely. It’s my way to and from work. And it’s also the way I make money to support my family.”

Because the truck is 18-years-old, Alvarez said his insurance won’t cover repairs or a replacement vehicle. That is why he created a GoFundMe account.

He’s also hired an attorney. The lawyer contacted U-Haul’s insurance and has not heard back.

And while he is undergoing physical therapy, Alvarez said the extent of his injuries is not fully known.

He also said he is glad his wife and 1-year-old were not in the vehicle with him at the time of the accident.

“Obviously, … I was not in the right place,” Alvarez said, “I just wish the pursuit had ended sooner.”

And although the bizarre chase ended with hugs,  kisses and a tasing for the couple accused of stealing the U-Haul, Alvarez says he wishes the duo had thought about the consequences of their actions.

Alvarez said he’s also not pursuing legal action against the city but wished the police had stopped the chase before he got hit.


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