Each year, most of us make resolutions for the new year ahead. With 2018 on the horizon, you no doubt have made some of your own. You may want to lose weight, work harder to get a raise or something else. Los Angeles is different than any other city in the world, which means as Angelenos there are special resolutions we can make! Here are some top ones to help make L.A. a better place!

1.) Water Conservation
According to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor, most of California is out of the drought that crippled the region in prior years. But, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the clear. So, do your part and help conserve water this year!

2.) Get Cultural
Los Angeles is filled with incredibly rich cultural activities! From the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens to the Natural History Museum, The Broad Museum, The Griffith Observatory, LACMA, theatre plays, exhibits and more, there are tons of places to see to make your life more enriched.

3.) Read The Street Signs!
L.A. street signs can get pretty tricky, but they’re not impossible. Read them and avoid those pesky parking tickets this year!

4.) Be A More Courteous Driver
We all have room to improve in our daily lives, and that means in your attitude as well! With a little more patience, we can all be better drivers! After all, we spend so much of our time in cars and in traffic, so why not make it a tad more tolerable?

5.) Get That Earthquake Kit
It’s been 23 years since the 1994 earthquake that shook the Southern California region. The chances are that we are in for a big quake at some point in the future, if not the near future. So, get out and get prepared. There are plenty of earthquake kits that include the essentials that you must have!

6.) Be On Time
We all live pretty busy lives, but there’s no excuse to being late! Being on time, or even early is a great resolution for the new year!

7.) Try New Food
Los Angeles has some of the best food in the world. With a huge range of cuisines at every price point, make a resolution to try out new types of food this year! From Vietnamese to Indian food and Mongolian food, there are plenty of delicious options.

8.) Go Hiking
Everyone knows about Runyon Canyon, but there are plenty of other places nearby to go hiking as well! Head to Temescal Canyon, Eaton Canyon, Will Rogers State Park, Franklin Canyon Park, or Malibu Creek State Park! Malibu Creek State Park even has the world famous M*A*S*H TV set to see on your hike, and there’s even a watering hold as well as a waterfall in the cooler rainier months. Visit our list of the Best Places To Go Hiking In Los Angeles for ideas!

9.) See More Dodgers Games
Seeing a Dodger game doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. In fact, there are seats at very reasonable prices. So, there’s no reason not to root for the home team and see Baseball’s greatest team!

10.) See More Live Music
Out of anywhere in the world, Los Angeles has some of the best music venues which draws small and large acts alike. In the new year, discover new music at smaller clubs like the Troubadour, and some larger acts at the STAPLES Center and The Forum!

11.) Make A Difference In Your Community
Making a difference means doing something positive for someone without the expectation of anything in return. In L.A., you can volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter, or donate clothes and other goods that you don’t need.

12.) See An Outdoor Movie
During the summer months, there are awesome movies that you can see under the stars. Get cultural and head to Cinespia, as well as Eat|See|Hear, and others where you can watch awesome movies on the grass at night!

13.) Take A Food Tour
With incredible food everywhere, it should come as no surprise that there are great food tours across Southern California. Take one, learn about cuisine, and indulge!

14.) Learn The History Of Los Angeles
As a city, Los Angeles may not be as old as some of the older cities like New York, Boston, or Charleston, but there’s plenty of history to learn about the City of Angels! In fact, Los Angeles has a very rich history. This year, learn about the cit you call home!

15.) Fulfill Your Health Resolutions
Go stand up paddle-boarding, do yoga in the park, or join a gym Living in a city like L.A. means there are plenty of options for exercise, and eating healthy. Visit our list of the Best Creative Places To Workout & Lose Weight In L.A.

Jordan Schlecter is CBSLA’s “Best of LA” and “Best of Orange County” editor.


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