SAN DIMAS (CBSLA) — A goose in the San Gabriel Valley got an arrow right through its neck.

As KCAL9/CBS2’s Dave Lopez reports, people in San Dimas have tried to help her but she keeps flying away.

13d17f7788424c62b4fc099549fccc86 San Dimas Goose Has Arrow Lodged In Its Neck

Someone shot an arrow in the sky and it landed in the neck of a Canadian Goose at Bonelli Regional Park.

Eighteen days ago someone spotted the goose with the arrow lodged in its neck and called The Humane Society. For eighteen days The Humane Society has been trying to capture the goose with no luck.

“Each time we’ve approached this goose he’s flown away,” said Curtis Burton of The Humane Society.

On Tuesday the county sent in reinforcements — the county vet, some experts and at least half a dozen rangers. They were all armed with nets trying to catch the goose.

“I believe it is a she based on plumage. The arrow did not go through the neck. Its tip was embedded near its pectoral muscles,” said veterinarian Maria Salbacido.

The arrow is just dangling there. The female goose is going on her nonchalant way — drinking, eating and flying off whenever she feels like it.



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