The group says they have been working to perfect their secret rolling technique and will use 1,000 grams of their own pot trimmings.

WORCESTER, Mass. (CBS Boston/AP) — It was a stoner’s dream.

Marijuana enthusiasts busted out their smartphones to snap a picture of a massive, 100-foot-long joint on Saturday. The joint was unveiled at the Harvest Cup, an exhibition of pro-marijuana vendors and supporters at the DCU Center in Worcester.

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“First thought is, when do we get to smoke it? That thing is epic!” said Ali Kamran-Rad of Dedham.

 Thousands of people poured into the center for the Harvest Cup, an event bringing together growers, vendors and marijuana enthusiasts.

“Honestly, I want to know who has lungs powerful enough to suck air all the way from that end, to this end,” said Patrick Breton of Hyde Park.

The people over at Beantown Greentown, a Boston-based cannabis club and advocacy group who put it all together, said it could qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records.

“I mean, Have you seen one longer?” said Andrew Mutty, Beantown Greentown owner.

It wasn’t easy rolling a joint this long.

It took the help of 40 people, 3,000 yards of rolling paper, a month and a half of hard work.

And you can’t forget the weed.

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“There’s a thousand grams of cannabis here!” Mutty said.

The two-day event is the region’s premiere cannabis competition.

“Finally, it feels like you’re in a community of people that, for years, were outcasts,” Kamran-Rad said.

The Harvest Cup brings together growers, vendors and cannabis enthusiasts. They’re gearing up for next summer, when recreational pot shops are open for business.

Massachusetts last year voted to legalize the possession and consumption of marijuana and a new Cannabis Control Commission is currently writing regulations to govern the sale of cannabis, expected to being July 1.

“Our goal was to bring the community together, to have fun and to create awareness around cannabis,” Mutty said.

And for all of you wondering: Yes, they plan to smoke the 100-foot long joint using a blow torch and a vacuum. You can use your imagination for that one.

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