RANCHO CUCAMONGA (CBSLA) — If you want to see the Thoroughbred Christmas lights show in Rancho Cucamonga, you better be able to drive, or fly, because this year, walking isn’t allowed.

“It’s not too fun. It’s actually better when you get out of the car, get the kids in the strollers, walk around with the lights,” visitor Justin Reyes said.

The city passed an ordinance limiting foot traffic to try and keep the neighborhoods safer and a little cleaner than when people were able to stroll down these lanes.

“With that comes a lot of trash on people’s lawns and along the horse trail and things like that,” homeowner Jon Cisneros said. “So we’ll see in a couple weeks if that cuts down on that at all.”

Not everyone realized the rules have changed.

“We were surprised. it’s funner to walk,” visitor Steve Evans said.

Some homeowners say traffic seems worse now that everyone is in their cars. Visitors say they are seeing more brake lights than Christmas lights.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this. I want everyone to be safe out here. but I think you don’t have to go so drastic,” homeowner Kim Earl said.

Residents and their guests can still walk. But other pedestrians could be subject to a $50 fine. Many say that goes against the whole spirit of the season.

“These are public streets, how do you stop people from walking on public streets that the taxpayers pay for?” Earl said. “We just want everyone to come up here and enjoy the lights and have a nice festive holiday.”

Deputies did not say if any citations have yet to be issued to pedestrians.

  1. Roger Baer says:

    I have lived on the corner of Sapphire and Thoroughbred, the start of the Thoroughbred light show for 34 years. Since moving into the neighborhood I have been able to walk across the street and see this amazing light show at Christmas time, but now the city created an ordinance that stops people from walking to see the lights. Even as a resident on the main street I am subject to a citation and fine if I want to walk the lights as I have done each year. The city is unhappy about having to spend money to control this event, but they are unwilling to listen to us residents on how to control it.

    I personally submitted a busing plan that would have seriously cut down on the traffic congestion and presented it to the city and the police department, but it went straight into the trash. They are not interested in a solution, they just want to kill off this event that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. This is publicity that the city could not afford to buy. This year we have been visited by five plus TV stations including two of the three network stations.

    No wonder the public rates politicians so low. This City Council would rather damage their neighbors than take some time to find a solution that will benefit all. The city held a meeting for residents to tell us what they were going to do to us, however, they waited to the day before the meeting to let us know of the meeting and then held it so early that most of the affected residents were unable to attend. I attended the meeting and waited about a half hour to be recognized and when I was finally called on the Chief of Police that was conducting the meeting did not answer my question and cut me off. After the meeting I attempted to speak with her and she was very rude. Over the past six months I left more than fifteen messages for her, but did not receive a single call back.

    I moved to Rancho Cucamonga because it was a nice city, but the cabal that runs it today treats it like it is their own personal fiefdom.

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