CBS Local — A Japanese businessman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer is making sure he goes out on his own terms. The 80-year-old threw a unique, end-of-life party to properly say goodbye to his family and friends.

Satoru Anzaki reportedly invited around 1,000 guests including friends, former classmates, business partners, and employees to his Dec. 11 gathering in Tokyo. “I am satisfied that I could say ‘thank you’ to people I met in life,” Anzaki said, via the BBC.

The former president of Japanese machinery giant Komatsu decided to let his life end naturally after being diagnosed with an incurable form of gallbladder cancer in October.

“As I want to maximize the quality of life during the time I have left, I have decided not to receive treatment given the side effects,” Anzaki announced after the party.

“It was just like Anzaki to host an event like this. He values human relationships more than anything else,” one guest told reporters, according to The Telegraph. One of the many surprises the 80-year-old booked to entertain his guests included a dance group who performed a ceremonial dance from his hometown of Tokushima.

“I want to make the most of the rest of my time and be put in a coffin having thought ‘my life was fun’,” Anzaki added.