SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) — a San Bernardino couple has lived in their neighborhood since the 1960s, and they say they’ve always heard the planes overhead going to both Ontario and Los Angeles. They never imagined something like what happened Sunday could happen to them.

Claudell Curry and his wife Odell were watching TV Sunday night when all of a sudden:

“This horrendous boom and our house just shook and trembled,” Curry said.

At first, they couldn’t tell what had happened. Then Claudell walked past their bedroom.

“Side glance and I saw all that stuff and I thought what in the world? I went in, and all of the stuff there,” he said.

There was a hole in the ceiling. He could see all the way through to the sky. And not only was there insulation and pieces of drywall on the bed, there were also chunks of ice.

“Snow white, just ice, and heavy. Each piece was like iron,” he said.

Curry believes the ice fell from a passing airplane. It’s a rare occurrence that the FAA says would only happen if a plane has a leak in a galley system. It happened to a homeowner in Chino just last month. Luckily, no one was hurt in either case. Curry and his wife say they couldn’t sleep Sunday night thinking about what could have been, and wonder if it might happen again.

“Something needs to be done about this, someone could get killed and we came close to it.”

If the ice had come from the plane’s bathroom, it would have been colored blue. It wasn’t, so that’s a little comfort to the Currys.


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  1. stevengregg says:

    It could be cosmic ice. It happens.

  2. “Chunk of ice crashes in to man’s bed, man mistakes it for his wife.”

    Hey I know it was an easy joke but when I see low hanging fruit I pick it.

  3. That big of a chunk is unlikely from a plane

  4. “Why’s the carpet all wet Todd?!” “I don’t know Margo!”

  5. mclowe says:

    I expect it to turn into a civil rights case any second now.

  6. Peter Famato says:

    global warming or umm….. global cooling or umm…… climate change. Yeah that’s the ticket

  7. Joe Boyett says:

    Passenger plane toilet overflow, an “Icy BM”!

  8. Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news.

  9. Peter York says:

    I live on the west side of Ontario Airport…planes only land over me – I mean RIGHT over me – during Santa Ana conditions, which I suppose are warm enough to melt the ice somewhere over Pomona.

    those of us living with this low-key bombing campaign stand in solidarity with others around the world who also live with rockets, man-delivered bombs, etc. the Inland Empire will SHOW THE WORLD how a brave people endures!

  10. There is a theory that the water on earth arrived from ice in meteors and comets that fell to earth. Ice does not burn up like rock or iron, it just melts. Some becomes a cloud like trail and the rest hits the ground and melts.
    Just once I wish someone would put a really big chunk in the freezer and call NOAA or NASA and have it tested.

  11. It is probably from dumping the black toilet holding tank…. Lol

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  13. Scott Book says:

    This happens all over the world. They form on jet aircraft that fly at high altitude (35K feet) through super-cooler water vapor in the absence of cloud condensing nuclei. When the super-cooled vapor touches the planes surface, it instantly freezes. The longer it’s up there, the more ice that forms. It’s very dense ice. Once the plane descends to a lower altitude, the air warms, the ice dislodges and falls to the ground. Some chunks of ice have weighed as much at 400 lbs. Destroyed a Mercedes dealership in Brazil. Search for it. It’s not that uncommon. FAA won’t acknowledge it because the liability would be HUGE.

  14. There is potable water on planes which is separate from toilet water for obvious reasons. If the servicing port leaks that would do it.