SHADOW HILLS (CBSLA) —  CBS2’s Kristine Lazar went back to Gibson Ranch – one day after a fire engulfed the stables and put the lives of over 100 horses in danger. Dale Gibson surmised the devastation Wednesday. He lost almost everything he built on his ranch.

“It’s so much work…It’s all gone,” Gibson said.

While covering the fire in Sunland, CBS2/KCAL9’s Kristine Lazar and her cameraman Marvin Stone and many volunteers stepped in to save horses from the fast-moving flames at Gibson Ranch.

The Creek Fire surrounded the ranch before firefighters arrived.

“People I haven’t seen in years just showed up, and they were helping,” Gibson said. “Thank you, thank you.”

The good news for Gibson is that 150 horses were saved. None were injured.

“Dale is everything to us and we want him to rebuild,” a rancher said. “I think he’s contemplating it right now, he doesn’t realize how many people love him in this community. People came in off the street and helped this ranch last night, it was phenomenal.”

Gibson is from the Midwest. He says he’s not a young kid anymore and may just pack up and go home.

“It’s been crazy and painful…I don’t know, don’t know if I…everybody says rebuild. We’ve done a lot of stuff here, a lot of charity stuff.  There’s 19 years of work here,” he said.

Click here to support Gibson Ranch Tack/Supply Loss Fund organized by Amber Koven

Select VCA animal hospitals in Southern California are offering free boarding assistance for small animals, including dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets, to families who are impacted due to the multiple wildfires burning in the area, including the Thomas, Rye, Creek and Skirball fires that have resulted in major evacuations. Pet owners should visit or call 1-800-VCAPETS to check availability for boarding assistance in the affected areas.