SUNLAND (CBSLA) — While covering the fire in Sunland, CBS2/KCAL9’s Kristine Lazar and her cameraman Marvin Stone stepped in to save horses from the fast-moving flames at Gibson Ranch.

Lazar described the scene as “frantic” and “tense” with thick black smoke and flames making it difficult to breathe for the horses and people on the ranch.



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Volunteers were trying to get the horses out and Lazar and Stone helped evacuate the horses. The volunteers had buckets of water trying to put out the flames.

When Lazar and Stone arrived on the scene the flames were spreading fast and the firefighters had not gotten there yet.

Gibson Ranch is a family-owned hoarse boarding and equine event facility.

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  1. chrismireya says:

    God bless these people for helping!

  2. BHliberty says:

    Oh man … This is bad! Hopefully, they had enough time to get these horses out. Otherwise, they should have let them go! Horses have a natural instinct to flee! They will find their way! This happened in a Reno, NV fire. Horse owners didn’t have enough time to evacuate but to save the horses, they just let they go! Later on, all the horse were found!

  3. oldtoenail says:

    The owners are too stupid to be allowed to take care of animals. These horses should have been evacuated prior to the fire arriving. This scene repeats itself every year in this state where stupid people live.

  4. Jason Jones says:

    I’m glad the photographer got the not-so-subtle hint to help out.

  5. Amazingly slow response by those on scene. Yes. They should let the horses go if they can’t respond faster than that.

  6. If there ever was a time for cowboys this would be it. They could drive the herd out on horseback.

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  9. Melissa Cano says:

    God bless them all for doing their part! Does anyone have follow up info…were they able to save all the horses?

  10. Tracy Cobb says:

    As a horse owner, I was so tense watching this video – I’m glad the news crew helped, but there is no way I would have waited the two minutes of filming to do so with the situation so dire. I also cannot understand why the horses weren’t evacuated before this. I’m very glad to see they are all safe, but WOW.

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