CBS Local — An airline crew traveling from San Francisco to Hong Kong claim they had a chilling, front-row seat to North Korea’s latest missile test over the Sea of Japan.

The crew of the Cathay Pacific Airways flight says they witnessed the rogue nation’s latest weapon break apart and explode as it traveled through the sky early Wednesday morning on Nov. 29.

“Be advised, we witnessed the DPRK missile blow up and fall apart near our current location… Just letting you know,” the crew of flight CX893 radioed in, via the South China Morning Post.

Officials with Cathay Pacific confirmed the crew’s report and added that another flight, cargo flight CX096, was flying a route that took it even closer to the missile’s path than the passenger plane. Despite the missile being close enough to be seen by the pilots, the airline is not planning to change its flying routes at the moment.

“We do take the matter seriously and are monitoring the situation very closely and will reroute our flight paths where necessary,” a Cathay Pacific spokesperson added.

North Korea’s new missile was reportedly a new type of nuclear-capable ICBM called the Hwasong-15. While North Korea has claimed that their new weapon has put all parts of the United States within reach of a devastating strike, U.S. officials say the latest test was a failure since the missile broke apart on re-entry as the airliner witnessed.

In response to the launch, President Trump said the United States will “take care of it.” Mr. Trump did not give any specifics on plans to combat the North Korean threat however, the U.S. moved a squadron of the military’s F-22 stealth fighters to South Korea to begin combat exercises following the ICBM launch.