ORANGE (CBSLA) — Two local EMTs reunited with their rescuer Thursday night for the first time since they were shot last month in Las Vegas.

Colby Jackson, 22, and Shannon Muttram, 21, both EMTs for Care Ambulance in Orange, were saved by Callen Daquioag, a Las Vegas EMT.

All three were given the highest award offered by Care Ambulance — the Medal of Valor.

“I wanted to see them again,” said Daquioag, who was driving his ambulance the night of the mass shooting.

“I was the third unit in,” said Daquioag.

Jackson and Muttram were off duty at the country music festival. Jackson was shot in the arm. Muttram shot in the back.

“He put his arm around me and laid on top of me to protect me,” said Muttram.

They ran to a medical tent. There, both EMTs helped victims in even worse shape. Then they jumped into Daquioag’s ambulance.

On their way to the hospital, Muttram took others’ vital signs. Jackson, bleeding badly from a bullet that broke his arm, was reassuring patients next to him.

“Colby was actually sitting there calming two other patients that were around him that weren’t doing so well. He completely didn’t think about himself at all,” said Daquioag.

Jackson and Muttram say Daquioag was the real hero.

“He was amazing. He prayed with us, he kept us calm,” said Muttram. “Told us everything was gonna be OK. Paramedics like Callen and his partner. The people that just ran in and saved people they didn’t even know. I think that’s so incredible.”

“He’s the definition of what every paramedic should be,” said Jackson. “He treated four patients in the back of an ambulance and did an amazing job of it.”

“I was already working. I was on the clock. They were there for a good time,” said Daquioag. “They were helping other people. Including me. They were helping me get through that night so they’re the real heroes.”

Muttram is expected to return to work in January. Jackson was seriously injured. He is still undergoing physical therapy so it’s going to take him a little longer. He will possibly be back to work by February.


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