LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An elderly man was blindsided and knocked out in a random attack while walking on a Los Angeles sidewalk, and now the LAPD have released video of the assault in hopes that the public can help identify the attacker.

In the video, two men are about to pass each other when the man on the right winds up to swing his backpack at the other man walking by.

The man on the right follows the older man and then takes a vicious swing. The victim hits the deck tumbling down onto the sidewalk. The attacker walks off like nothing happened. The brazen assault occurred in broad daylight and the suspected attacker had nothing covering his face.

Shoppers outside the store where this happened were stunned by the video.

“That’s awful. That’s just a horrible individual,” a woman shopper said.

“It’s kind of scary this happened so randomly,” added another man.

The beating happened last month on LaBrea Avenue and Willoughby Street. The LAPD released the video to help drum up leads. Investigators say the attacker used a backpack to bash the victim in the head. It’s not clear what was in it. Detectives say at this point they don’t even think words were exchanged and this was probably just a random and savage attack.

Police say the attacker in the video is young and white or Asian.

Comments (12)
  1. STAY ARMED And shoot the negroids

    1. Bill Smith says:

      Do us all a favor and keep your racist BS to yourself.

  2. “Police say the attacker in the video is young and white or Asian.”

    No wonder we got to see the video.

    1. Richard Frey says:

      Black….maybe, Oriental….could be, high yella….Probably, White……Nah!!!!….Mexican….Yeah……

  3. That dude doesn’t look white or Asian to me. Clearly Hispanic or black

  4. Rex Jones says:

    There used to be cops walking the beat….as they say….and would have cuffed and jailed this ignorant creep rapidly.

  5. Prudent citizens have armed themselves, learned how to use their weapon, and ALWAYS carry a hollow point surprise. Be prudent and stay alert!

  6. hitrestart1 says:

    Millennials. The gift that keeps on giving.

  7. Yet another video of a white person paying the Diversity Tax.

    “Police say the attacker in the video is young and white or Asian.”

    He’s NOT white, they damn well know it! He looks Afro-Asian. Which means he likely identifies with his blacks side, and thanks to the constant anti-white propaganda from the Main Stream Media, he hates white people. And you know he was targeted because of his race.

    Even though approximately 85% of interracial violence, including assault, murder and rape between blacks and whites, is black on white; never forget THIS Liberal Rule:

    7. It’s never a racist hate crime when a minority attacks, assaults, rapes, burns, punches, slaps, stabs, strangles, shoots, or beats a white person. It’s only a racist hate crime for a white person to notice.

  8. Terry Odette says:

    that creep is not a white person.

  9. Jerry Adler says:

    Try doing that to old people in Florida and you will get several hollow point bullets in the face. In California it is virtually impossible to get a gun permit to arm your self against street thugs like this. The 2nd Amendment is not valid in California. This thugs action is an example of why the Constitution says: The Right of the People to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS Shall Not be Infringed. Apparently the morons who make the laws in CA prefer to let street thugs have the upper hand and leave law biding citizens at their will.

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