PASADENA (CBSLA) — All Margarito Ayala wanted to do was adjust his rear-view mirror. Now he’s out of a job.

For five years, Ayala, 32, drove a city bus for First Transit, the company that handles the public transportation for Pasadena.

He said he was fired because he would adjust the outside mirrors on the bus before he would drive.

“Mirrors are everything when you’re driving,” Ayala told KCAL9/CBS2’s Dave Lopez. “Those are your eyes when you can’t see what’s to the side of you and what’s behind you.”

For more than three years, he said, he would adjust the mirrors — just like the other drivers would — on his own before taking off.

Then suddenly he was told to stop. Only a mechanic can touch the mirrors.

“I called up maintenance. Had maintenance come out and adjust it for me,” said Ayala.

But there was a problem with that, he said. Ayala showed the letters from the company.

By calling maintenance, that delayed the route and the company in the letter said he was creating a “work stoppage.”

They warned him once and after the second time he called up maintenance to adjust his mirrors, he was fired, which he finds hypocritical because he said the motto of the company is: “Our Philosophy: If you cannot do it safely, don’t do it!”

The company’s headquarters in Pasadena refused to comment. A spokesman from First Transit’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati confirmed that Ayala had been fired but would not give further details.

Ayala is represented by the Teamsters Union. They said they are going to bat for him. They have a scheduled hearing next week to do everything they can to get his job back.

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  1. oh hey, it’s union logic meets bureaucrat thinking…

  2. Pretty certain it is a CDL requirement that before beginning a “shift”, a driver is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle he will be driving is in proper, safe operating order, and any adjustments to safety equipment are made prior to commencing the shift.

    Either there’s more to this firing than is being old, or this is the worst case of bureaucratic bumbling ever seen.

    1. My guess is it’s in the mechanics union contracts that they, and only they, can “touch the bus”. You know, union job security. Such BS.

  3. Typical union and Calli liberal thinking..

  4. Catch 22 on paper but I think he will win this one.

  5. Matt Oien says:

    It’s probably the teamsters that caused this. “Only a mechanic can touch the mirrors”. We had this problem at a company I used to work for as a car washer – only I was allowed to wash or gas the car. If the driver ran out of gas on their route, only a mechanic could tow it back. No filling gas for the drivers. SMH.

  6. I don’t know the guy or the company but I’d be anything that they were looking for a reason to fire him so they setup a lose-lose situation to get rid of him

  7. Vox Veritas says:

    The last ‘graph says it all. This is nothing but union thuggery.

  8. Right. It’s an old union work slowdown tactic called ‘work to rule’ which involves doing everything strictly ‘by the book’ with the intent of slowing or stopping production. He probably had a grudge against management and this was his way of retaliating. CBS, being union types themselves, are disingenuously painting this guy as the unjustly oppressed victim of heartless management. Right.

    1. “Work-to-rule is an industrial action in which employees do no more than the minimum required by the rules of their contract, and precisely follow all safety or other regulations, which may cause a slowdown or decrease in productivity, as they are no longer working during breaks or during unpaid extended hours and weekends (checking email, for instance)”.

  9. Seems typical of public works and bureaucracy. You can’t do it, they take too long to do it, to heII with safety and the public.

  10. …Unions…excrement from “The Devils Anus”…

  11. Rikki Doxx says:

    Fire the idiot that fired him.

  12. I bet whoever fired this guy never drove a bus in their life.

  13. Unions = Organized Crime.

  14. David Kachel says:

    Waddya bet he was just a few days or weeks from being permanently vested in the retirement program!!! (I’ve seen it before.)

  15. You trying to tell me that a transit company of that size doesnt have adjustable electric mirrors? I am a Certified Master Transit Trainer and every modern transit bus has electrically adjustable mirrors….unless he was in a ” on demand” small bus. There has to be more to this story. First Transit is usually more safety oriented than this would have you believe.

  16. Problem is, the mirror adjuster also works for the same Union. So tell me again, why do products or services that originate from Union labor cost so much?

  17. Phil Bickel says:

    Democrat lawmakers at work.

  18. James Walker says:

    Whoever made it difficult or impossible for him to adjust the mirrors needs to be fired for interfering with the safe operation of his bus. Correctly adjusted mirrors are critical to the safe operation of any vehicle.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  19. De Leweye says:

    Bureaucracies take normal, reasonably intelligent human beings and train them to be idiots.

  20. California law demands that the driver of a bus make a daily inspection of the bus for safety defects. A misadjusted mirror is a safety defect. The city has no case here.

  21. Bob Redman says:

    Power hungry bosses are POS everywhere.

  22. The bus that I take in Vancouver, Canada goes about 3 stops then they change drivers. The first thing they do is adjust the drivers seat and then adjust the mirrors. Whole thing takes maybe 30 seconds, including getting off the bus to get to the mirrors.

    Can’t imagine driving a bus, or any vehicle for that matter without having the mirrors perfectly adjusted so that I can see into the blind spots.

    I can’t imagine that this is all of the story – there must be more that is not reported here.

  23. Ronald Reagan said in the 1980s: “These problems can’t be fixed by the government. The problem IS the government.” Government promises but never fixes anything. Solution is to privatize public transportation AND open it up to competition to keep prices low.

  24. Unions always raise the prices to the public through their adversarial relationships with the companies they infect. This is one more example.

  25. Casey Cook says:

    Um, I think a lot of you Drudge readers are, as usual, missing the point here. Did you read the article? The only union in question is the Teamsters and they’re actually advocating for the guy who was wrongly fired. Furthermore, it sounds more like a corporate liability paranoia issue than a “mechanics union” somehow making it so that drivers are not allowed to touch the mirrors on their own buses. Also, it’s not “California” liberals, the company is based in Cincinnati. Fer chrissakes at least read the article if you’re going to moan about stuff.

  26. jnsesq says:

    Another typical Democrat/union story.

  27. John Breland says:

    The Teamsters union may be going to bat for the driver, but I guarantee you that the mechanics’ union is the underlying culprit–insisting that nobody but their members can adjust mirrors. That has union meddling written all over it.

  28. I’ve never liked unions — but in this case management sounds like a bunch of blockheads.

  29. all they had to say was Pasadena, city of the Roses Stinks!
    I lived there I know

  30. bkwilless says:

    Boycott since they are unsafe!

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