ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — The Anaheim Ducks apologized Sunday for posting on social media an “insensitive” video of center Ryan Kesler walking naked past office workers, one of them female.

The video was created to celebrate the National Hockey League’s 100th birthday.

“Kes, what are you doing, bud? You got no clothes on,” a male co-worker says in the video.

“It’s the NHL’s 100th birthday. I’m celebrating in my birthday suit,” Kesler replies.

The video drew criticism, with many citing the sexual misconduct scandal rocking the entertainment industry.

The Ducks removed the video and apologized.

“Our tweet posted earlier today was meant to be a lighthearted video celebrating the NHL’s 100th birthday,” the Ducks said in a statement. “We realize in retrospect the content of the video may have been insensitive and we have removed the video and apologize.”


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