MONTEREY PARK  (CBSLA)  —  On the calendar, it was officially National Adoption Day.

In the Patterson household in South Los Angeles, it was Patterson Day.

“Everyone’s going to be a Patterson today,” Antonio Patterson said about his kids Jaden and Jasjah.

He hugged them both just before a ceremony to officially make the brother and sister Patterson’s kids  — legally.

“I feel happy and excited.” said Jasjah.

“It feels amazing because not everybody gets this chance,” said Jaden.

Patterson was a teacher at the kids’ school in South Los Angeles years ago. He says he noticed 11-year-old Jaden was often in the principal’s office.

One day, Patterson says he approached the boy and asked him if he liked sports.

The two bonded over football.

While playing, Patterson also learned Jaden had a sister, Jasjah.

He decided to become their foster parent.

“They’ve been with me for four years. They were my kids from Day One,” Patterson says.

And the kids feel the same.

“We call him Dad,” says Jaden.

Patterson grew up without a dad. He adopted his first child 21 years ago. He also has three biological children.

Family is clearly important to Patterson.

“He told us he would not like to see us two without a family.” Jaden said.

So Friday, on National Adoption Day, Patterson, Jaden and Jasjah walked into a courtroom and swore an oath, signed papers and officially became the Pattersons.

Dad is already gushing about his kids.

“His heart is as big as all outdoors, and it’s of gold,” said Patterson, “And Jasjah, I mean, just look at this face.”

Jaden, Jasjah and 236 other kids in LA County were officially adopted Friday.