LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Avoid Honduras and El Salvador. Stick to Singapore and Hong Kong.

According to a new ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries by Backgroundchecks.org, the Central American nation of Honduras is the most dangerous travel destination while the autonomous territory of Hong Kong in southeastern China is the safest place to visit.

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The metrics used to create the rankings include crime, security, tourism and natural disasters.

The high homicide rate in Honduras accounts for the country’s ranking as the most dangerous travel destination.

“For the past decade, the Central American nation has suffered from one of the worst homicide rates in the world,” the report states. “Since 2017, there have been 47 murders of U.S. citizens in the country, including 4 in 2016, and many more tourists have been robbed or assaulted, even in resort areas and other places considered safe.”

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In contrast to Honduras, the report describes Hong Kong as an “East Asian destination where a woman or man can walk any street at any time of day or night without fear.”

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries For Travel:

10. Colombia
9. Lesotho
8. Nigeria
7. Burundi
6. Mali
5. Mauritania
4. Chad
3. Pakistan
2. El Salvador
1. Honduras

Top Ten Safest Countries for Travel:

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10. Australia
9. Norway
8. Canada
7. Germany
6. France
5. United Kingdom
4. Spain
3. Japan
2. Singapore
1. Hong Kong