Sponsored By Aldik Home

The perfect Christmas starts with the best artificial Christmas tree. We figured we would save you the headache of scouring the internet for the best trees. While many fancy online stores may tout themselves as having the most premium trees around, none of them stand a chance against Aldik Home’s line of Neuman Trees.

Neuman Trees are designed for showcasing your ornaments. Not only do they have the strongest branches in the industry, they are built with the perfect amount of spacing to truly decorate the inside and outside of your tree. So many trees sold by online retailers are way too bushy, giving you no space to decorate. With a Neuman Tree, you can decorate like a professional. While the spacing is important, it’s the lighting system that truly makes Neuman Trees shine.

Neuman Trees are the only pre-lit Christmas trees that come with the Brilliant Lighting System, which uses specially designed light strings to extend a light to every prominent tip. Not only does this make the lights look perfectly placed, it also allows them to shine back on your ornaments for a fully radiant look. With longer life bulbs and all the lights on the tips of the branch, Neuman Trees are much easier to maintain than trees by any other manufacturer. No wonder they proudly tout their industry-best 4-year light warranty.

Aldik Home is proud to carry all the best Neuman Tree styles in their huge artificial Christmas tree lot. With over 50 trees ranging from 3 foot to 12 foot, the Neuman Trees at Aldik Home are the most realistic, easiest to decorate, sturdy and stunning. Don’t make the mistake of buying an inferior product online! Visit Aldik Home’s winter wonderland at 7651 Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys to see these gorgeous trees in person.