DEL RAY  (CBSLA)  —   Two young men killed in a two-vehicle crash last Sunday in Carson were honored this evening as their friends try to raise money for their funerals.

Three people were killed in the crash. The two men killed with the sons of a 30-year veteran of the LAPD.

KCAL9’s Cristy Fajardo reports from outside the location where the son’s father works.

In the gym where crowds once watched them play,  a crowd came to honor them.

All those here at at Verbum Dei High School in Watts will tell you 26- year old Christopher Baxter and his younger brother — 23-year old Johnathon–  were as selfless as they come

“So they came back every year to ask what the current kids needed,” said Principal Dr. Brandi Odom Lucas. That in and of itself is special.”

” I️ think that’s one of the things that touched us all. They came back together to say we received a lot from the school and how can we help out?” said school President Fr. Michael Mandala.

That’s why the Catholic all-boys school wanted to honor them on the very court where the two loved to shoot hoops.

Their father is also an alumnus of the school. And friends like David Price say all the people who came to honor the young men show  just how much they were loved.

t”The impact that these two men had on the world as you can see by the turnout tonight, it’s incredible. Their laughter, their joy, their love for the world, for people,” said Price.

It’s a sentiment Fajardo said she heard over and over

The brothers  —  just in their twenties — left a mark by being an example of brotherhood, dignity and kindness — with a lot of laughter mixed in along the way

“If they were here today they’d be making a joke even at their own memorial service,” says Price.

“They only wanted to see the world a little bit better  than the way that they found it. and they did that,” he added.

A homegoing service will be held for the brothers Wednesday in Inglewood. And if tonight’s memorial is any indication, Fajardo said to expect many tears, some laughs and a huge turnout.


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