HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — It’s the hottest private club in Hollywood and only a select few are allowed inside.

With the U.S. in its second decade of wars, the veteran population is a lot younger these days and so is some of the clientele at Hollywood American Legion Post 43.

“I love being around my fellow Veterans. It’s like family,” Tess Rutherford said.

Hollywood Post 43 is no longer a group of seniors hanging around.  The younger generation and their trendy style is being welcomed to the 100-year-old club.

Post 43 is actively recruiting the 20-something crowd. The guy with the skateboard is a perfect example.

“It’s a symbol of youth,” Steve Ciappetta, who has never seen a skateboarder in the club, said.

“After 16 years of war we have a lot of younger veterans coming in and or of the military and arriving in Hollywood,” Fernando Rivero, Commander of Post 43, said.

The crowd may be getting younger but the drinks are staying the same price, $3 to $4. You’ve probably passed by this place with its glowing neon yellow sign on Highland near the Hollywood Bowl. From outside to inside touches of classic Hollywood everywhere, like the Art Deco bar.

“Built by guys like Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, Ronald Reagan was a member here. Mickey Rooney. Johnny Grant. It’s always been the motion picture post a lot of glamour here,” Rivero said.

Here you might bump into a working actor.

“I’m in the commercials I got 4 going right now on the TV. My big is Nationwide you’ve probably seen em,” a patron  said.

Here you can share a show biz tip or a war story, something unique to the hippest joint around.

“It’s just an amazing spirit that you feel when you’re here,” a young female veteran said.

To join you’ve had to of served during a time of war and served at least one day of active duty.