NORWALK (CBSLA) — Authorities say a double shooting unfolded at an AM/PM gas station in Los Angeles County after two men bumped into one another.

The incident at the gas station on Imperial Highway was reported just after 7:15 p.m. Saturday in Norwalk.

It was there that authorities say one person bumped into another, and an argument ensued.

That’s when police say one of the men exited, went to his car, pulled out a weapon, returned to the AM/PM and started shooting.

One man was shot in the head, and a woman was also shot.

Both were rushed to the hospital where the man was said to be fighting for his life.

The current condition of the female victim was not immediately known.

brawl Double Shooting Unfolds Inside AM/PM Gas Station After 2 Bump Into One Another

(credit: Facebook video)

The suspect fled the scene in a silver-colored vehicle. No arrests have been made.

The gas station reopened about 4:30 a.m. Sunday. No employees were physically injured.

KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz watched video of the brawl.

“A detective asked us to hold off airing [the entire] video because of their investigation,” she reported.

The video showed a man in a blue shirt and braided hair return and shoot into the store. He hit the man he was originally fighting.

A customer named Lonnell said he was bumped into at another time.

“I understand the frustration,” he said, “but never shooting anybody I don’t condone violence.”

She also spoke to a school teacher who is teaching being courteous at this time.

“It’s amazing that we’re all having to really teach some of the more basic cordial things and manners and just being polite and thinking about you know what you’re doing. It’s crazy. I’m teaching to the kids but adults, it’s something needed across the board,” he said.


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