PARAMOUNT (CBSLA) —  Sheriff’s deputies in Paramount are investigating the shooting death of a man.

They believe that a deadly carjacking took place and that the carjacking was just a small part of a crime wave.

Desmond Shaw reported live over the scene from Sky9.

He reported that “a large amount of mayhem was reported to have occurred in Long Beach and Paramount Sunday.”

It started around 1:40 p.m. when a suspect allegedly stole a red Lexus following a road rage incident in Long Beach at Artesia and Atlantic.

After several shots were reportedly fired, that driver tried to carjack  the driver of a black Audi.  He reportedly shot and killed that driver and again fled in the red Lexus.

That suspect was accused of then carjacking the driver of a red Mustang. There were two people in the Mustang. Both were uninjured.

The suspect then reportedly crashed the red Mustang into a Cadillac — injuring one person at that scene.

The unidentified suspect reportedly fled again and was picked up by some people in a black KIA.

The people in that car were apparently tracked to Compton.Iit was unclear if the initial suspect was in the home where the car was parked out in front.




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