RIVERSIDE (CBSLA)  —   The video was taken in the early morning hours of October 15.

A woman is seen running before she hides behind a tree. A man turns and shoots a gun down the street.

Police don’t believe anyone was hit by the gunfire but they want to question the two people. People who live and work nearby say it doesn’t matter that the shooter might not have hit his target.

“It’s petrifying and it’s not the first shooting. that’s the worst part. In the past six months, this is the fourth or fifth shooting,” said Amy Simpkins.

She told KCAL9’s Tina Patel that she’s been going to the bars and restaurants in Riverside’s downtown entertainment district for years but the recent violence has given her pause. A fight there this summer ended in a man’s death.

“I  don’t see any of my friends. I don’t see anybody out anymore. I don’t see any of the normal people that used to be out. Everybody’s afraid, we’re all afraid to come out,” Simpkins said.

Police said they have increased patrols in the area and businesses have hired more private security to try to make the people feel safe.

“I think that they’ve been doing a decent job, I’m seeing  more daytime presence as well,” said Bill Casey.

Some say the recent crime spree involves isolated events and they’re still going to enjoy Riverside’s nightlife.

“Nothing usually happens. and when things do happen, it’s usually something targeted, it’s not a random act or something. so personally I feel very safe,” says Abigail Brodnex.

Others, meanwhile, are questioning whether it will be sage to attend the traditional  upcoming Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn this year.

“I’m like we need to come during the daytime, I  don’t want to be out here late at night,” says Simpkins.


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