PASADENA (CBSLA) — Pasadena police are looking for a man caught on tape who they say has harassed and assaulted several women near Pasadena City Hall.

Police say the most recent incident was on Monday evening when he made offensive comments to a woman walking.  She ignored him, but police say he grabbed her arm and kissed it before she could get away.

Detectives have identified him as 62-year-old Benito Navas and believe he’s approached a number of people, mainly women, in the area only a block away from busy Colorado Boulevard.

Monica Villasenor and her boyfriend often walk around there and say now they’ll be on alert.

“Now that I know that someone’s in this area, it makes me want to park somewhere else, or stay close to people at least,” Villasenor said.

With this man roaming the streets, women say they’re disappointed they have to always look over their shoulder.

“I just hate that we have to live that way now and that men feel like they can treat women that way,” Alysha Maiorelli said.


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