SACRAMENTO (CBSLA) — California’s gas tax is going up 12 cents on Wednesday.

The gas tax increase will help raise $52 billion over the next 10 years for road repairs and infrastructure improvements.

Starting Wednesday, Californians will pay 12 cents more a gallon for gas and 20 cents more a gallon for diesel. Also down the road — higher license fees, a new value-based vehicle fee and a $100 a year fee for electric car drivers.

Also on Wednesday, Southern California gas stations will be allowed to start selling the cheaper winter blend gasoline. But the state gas tax spike will likely cancel price breaks for consumers.

Comments (4)
  1. Counting our “cap and trade” tax, California was essentially tied with Pennsylvania for the highest total state gas taxes — BEFORE this new tax was imposed by Sacramento Democrats without a vote of the electorate. MOST of our current CA gas tax revenues are spent on anything BUT roads.

    Spend our EXISTING gas taxes on roads — REPEAL this new gas tax. Petitions to put that repeal on the ballot will start circulating in about a month.

  2. Frank Alvar says:

    Yay, let’s keep California blue! Suck it Democrats.

  3. Ford Hanson says:

    Stop voting for democrats. That will fix a lot of this.

  4. The tax will raise money for a high-speed train to Fresno that the majority of Californians do not support. Land speculators want the train built. Contractors want the train built. Public employee unions want the train built. That’s enough for the California Legislature. That a gasoline tax is regressive and will fall most heavily on working-class & middle-class Californians is of no importance to legislators. The Party establishment chooses who will be on voter ballots and this is a one-party state.

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