VENICE (CBSLA) — People in Venice are demanding answers after a pedestrian was killed in a crosswalk that apparently had been deemed unsafe years ago.

The 40-year-old man was crossing the street at Pacific and Sunset avenues Wednesday morning when a car slammed into him.

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Police say the man crossed the street legally but was hit by an impatient driver who went around a stopped car at the crosswalk.

“It is very dangerous. Unfortunately people are in a hurry,” said a pedestrian walking near the intersection.

“Nobody stops ever,” said neighbor Cristopher Hazard. “I had a friend who got killed in ’92. He got launched into the bushes over there.”

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Neighbors such as Hazard have been sounding the alarm for years. Even more troubling — the city knows it’s dangerous and was awarded federal money to put in flashing lights to fix it.

But in a statement posted all over the intersection, Councilman Mike Bonin said the money is tied to other projects and Caltrans won’t turn over the funds until all the plans are approved.

“It’s kind of sad that they have the money to do it,” said Hazard. “That it’s already been allocated and nothing has happened.”

The city has put up so-called paddles to warn drivers people might be crossing. But even with the signs, cars whiz by and an innocent life was lost.

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Neighbors aren’t waiting for the red tape to clear and for the LED lights to be installed at the crosswalk. They have taken matters into their own hands. They have put up signs saying “cross with caution” and put in reflectors.