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By Lori Melton

Making home improvements can be fun and rewarding. There are many ways to boost curb appeal, increase value and help maximize home enjoyment. Check out these five suggestions that will add beauty to your home.

Front Door Focal Point

Creating a focal point with your front door can be a fun way to boost curb appeal. Make your home’s entryway “pop” by using a bold paint color like red, purple, or hunter green. Or, replace your door with a brand new one and get as classic-chic, sophisticated or ornate as you’d like. Maybe you’d like a beveled glass door with wood trim and brass fixtures. Or, how about a hand-carved, custom wood door that elegantly compliments your home’s age, history, or architecture? The possibilities are endless.  

Lush Landscape

Nothing adds more beauty and curb appeal than a meticulously-cared-for exterior landscape. If the thought of planting just the right flowers, shrubs and trees seems overwhelming, consider getting several quotes and ideas from professional landscape designers. You can create a gorgeous, dynamic outdoor space using a wide variety of colorful flowers, plants, rock formations, and other yard enhancements like garden stakes, stepping stones, fountains, a quaint seating area and more.

Windows, Window Boxes, Window Seats

Replacing or upgrading windows can give a stunning, fresh facelift to your home’s exterior. New windows can also improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and boost home value. Because buying new windows is a big home investment, you’ll want to work with a professional window retailer such as American Vision Windows to help you decide the type of windows that will best fit your home style, energy conservation goals, and your budget.

You can dress up new or existing windows by adding iron, copper, or wooden window boxes that are filled with colorful, seasonal flowers. And, you can also create a cozy seating area with a cute outdoor chair or porch swing, if feasible, near a front porch window or a back-patio slider.

Shutter Style

Framing front windows with shutters can add depth, dimension and charm to the front of your home. Shutters can be crafted from vinyl, stainable or paintable wood (such as cedar, cypress or pine) or other composite materials. You should opt for shutter colors that pop against your home’s main exterior color (e.g., black shutters against white siding) and suit the architectural design of your home. For visual continuity, always make sure your shutters match the length of your window’s trim and are the same width on every window. And, you can add a personal design touch by incorporating custom shutter cut-outs that match a special design/architectural element in your home (think pine trees, anchors, etc.).

Light It Up

Outdoor lighting enhances home security and can make an exquisite exterior statement. Be sure to choose lighting fixtures that complement the architectural style of your home. Outdoor lighting options include lantern-style post lights, landscape lights that line the driveway, walkways, or garden feature areas, flood lights that are fixed in exterior home peaks and pendant/ceiling lights which illuminate gazebos and porch or patio coverings. Consult a landscape, lighting or home improvement specialist to help design a lighting scheme that ticks all of your lighting function, design and budget boxes.


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