ALISO VIEJO (CBSLA) — Four off-duty Orange County Sheriff’s deputies rushed in to help when the shooting started in Las Vegas — getting injured themselves.

But they won’t receive workers’ compensation because according to California law off-duty employees aren’t covered when injured in another state.

“The expectation from the Sheriff’s Department is that our Sheriff’s deputies take action when there are lives in danger,” said Tom Dominguez, president of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs.

On Monday the Orange County Board of Supervisors announced the off-duty deputies will be not be covered by their California state benefits because the law says they are compensated only when they respond to an incident within the state.

Dominguez said those injured are home recovering from their wounds.

In a statement issued Tuesday night, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer said throughout California “…the state workers compensation laws do not cover workers’ compensation for this type of conduct without clarity in the law. To do so would be the gift of public funds and a violation of other state laws. It’s up to the legislature to clarify the code for out of state conduct for sworn law enforcement.”

Dominguez plans to take the issue all the way to the state legislature and if he has to, straight to the Supreme Court.

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  1. Duh. they were not at WORK.

  2. Mary Hunt says:

    But they should qualify for disability, which pays the same (or better?) than worker’s comp, no? This is really an incomplete story. Please do more research and file a complete story.

    I think it’s just a matter of who pays, not if they get paid? Worker’s comp premiums are based on if they are used or not (like most insurances). It’s not fair to the police law enforcement department they work for or the worker’s comp company they pay to bare the brunt of the cost of their injuries (and possible increase in premiums) if they were inflicted outside of the state.

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