LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — It was a dining disaster at a local mall.

A Culver City woman says she was eating at the food court of the Westfield Culver City Mall when rat droppings fell from the ceiling and onto her plate. CBS2’s Kandiss Crone has the cellphone video the woman took.

The woman and her mother were having lunch when they noticed what looked to be black pebbles falling from the ceiling. She says after a closer look, she lost her appetite.

In the cellphone video, you can see small black particles fall and land on a table in the food court.

Meeyoung Choi and her mom were having lunch Saturday when their dining experience turned into a nightmare.

“I was shocked. I was disgusted. I was disturbed,” Choi said. “Middle of our meal, we started to feel something on our head, and we heard things dropping on our table.”

At first, they thought it was kids throwing food but then they looked closer.

“Two small black dots landed right on top of my mom’s cup and instantly she realized it was rodents fecal matter.”

Choi says she called security, but at first they didn’t believe her.

CBS2 contacted the mall. A spokesperson gave us this statement:

“We take the cleanliness and safety of our entire center very seriously. We are currently investigating the matter and are in contact with the customer to resolve this.”

Choi says a manager called to apologize. She says she was insulted by what they offered her.

“He offered me a $25 gift card so we could come back to the court and eat there again.”

CBS2 reached out to the health department but has not heard back. Choi says she doesn’t plan to eat at a food court for quite some time.

Comments (34)
  1. Stu Pedasso says:

    You’ve never heard of ‘sprinkles’ on your ice cream?

  2. Jack Pod says:

    Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Could be quite tasty.

  3. John Oakman says:

    It’s the Peeples Republic o KaliFornia—whut you spect???

  4. lftrn97 says:

    but it’s california and rat poop is organic

    1. I guess the rats help keep the Food Court “clean” – Hmm pay offs for the County Health Officer??

  5. Ken Valley says:

    Well, we know that MexiFornia is a cesspool, but this one really put an exclamation mark on it! Keep it up liberals! You’re destroying your own Utopia with illegals and Marxism!

  6. So $25.00 insulted her>>>>>but I bet ya several thousand would have make all of this edible!

  7. Jack Inmanz says:

    It’s SoCal. The only surprise here is that the poop wasn’t human.

  8. Ed Itori says:

    They serve far worse in China so I don’t know what she’s upset about…

  9. Kelly Laraia says:

    California = third world country. The democrats built it.

  10. Those open industrial looking no-ceiling places are disgusting. Stupidest idea ever. I never go in if they don’t have a ceiling. It shouldn’t take anyone more than a moment to envision how dirty all those pipes and ducts become very quickly and that no one ever goes up there to clean them.. People should be boycotting these places in droves regardless the business.

  11. F’m it’s Kalifornia, no one gives a rats ass or poop.

  12. Clearly Trump’s fault because of climate change!!

  13. the entire state of California is filthy. i almost never eat out and as for their beloved Peets and Starbucks, they are vomit holes. when i visited Australia I could not get over how super clean the streets, restaurants and gas stations were. everything was clean and uncluttered. San Francisco conversely is a sewer, streets are reminiscent of the Far East (except for Singapore). LA is a hodgepodge of POC’s (people of color) YUK!!! take me back to Sydney!!!

    1. Elmo Glick says:

      Yeah, but Australia is full of highly dangerous and even lethal animals like those spiders with very potent venom and those big crabs that end up in garbage cans and mailboxes. I’d even be scared to visit Australia. I don’t know how people stay safe there. You get bitten by one of those funnel spiders you die–nobody’s giving you a gift card.

  14. Lee Bertram says:

    Whatever it is, “we take it very seriously” is the required initial reply, straight out of the Marketing Disaster Response Handbook.

  15. Larry Fyne says:

    A $25 gift card as restitution? That’s more repulsive that rat sheet dropping in your plate.

  16. Mark Duce says:

    Why all the fuss. Thought that this would be considered normal in L.A.

  17. Tony Konte says:

    California folks should be happy to know rat droppings are are environmental friendly (GREEN)

  18. i probably would have just moved rather than let more fall in my soup. If she was stuck on the tracks and a train was a-comin she’d grab that cell ang record it. OMG wonder why apple makes so much. People carry their mind in their purse.

    1. Herb Rapoza says:

      You would have moved and finished the soup?

  19. Herb Rapoza says:

    A good lawyer and an emotional distress claim will bring in a lot more than $25. The food court officials would have been much smarter to immediately offer her a couple of grand in return for a liability waiver.

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