LA PUENTE (CBSLA) — It was a frightening experience for a homeowner watching TV Sunday night when he heard a loud noise on the roof. He went outside to find someone throwing explosives at his home.

There are burn marks on the lawn and debris still on the roof, from two Molotov cocktails launched at the home, police say.

“It hit the roof and he threw another one into the driveway, I didn’t know if he was going to go to the door or what,” Scott the homeowner said.

Scott has lived in his house his entire life, 43 years. He didn’t want us to use his last name. He inherited the home from his grandmother and says he has no idea why anyone would want to hurt him or his home. He’s just thankful the place didn’t catch on fire.

“Pretty much panic and shock, I wasn’t able to describe the guy or get much information to the officers, couldn’t believe someone was throwing fires with all the things going on right now.”

Scott says he was awake and watching TV around midnight when he heard a loud noise on his roof. He went outside and says he saw a man standing next to a white truck, shouting at him.

“Never seen him, don’t know who he was, I was like: ‘hello, who are you? why are you doing this to my house?’ he’s like: ‘oh you’re going to find out who I am.’ ”

He says the man threw a second Molotov cocktail, but Scott didn’t stick around to see where it landed, instead he ran inside and called 9-1-1, afraid there could be a third explosive coming his way.

Investigators say they’re testing the explosives for any evidence that may help them find whoever did this. They’re asking anyone with information to please call the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.


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