SAUGUS (CBSLA) — Some California parents are up in arms after they say a life-size scarecrow depicting President Donald Trump was placed at an elementary school.

A Facebook post on the Santa Clarita Community Watchdog page shared an image of the scarecrow, which reportedly was placed at Santa Clarita Elementary School in Saugus.

“No matter what your political affiliation is, this was 100% inappropriate for elementary students to see at Santa Clarita Elementary today!!” the Facebook post read.

Another person wrote, “Ouch. Wrong wrong. Kids don’t need to be subject to this. No matter what these people think of our President, he IS our President and deserves respect for the position. It’s not the educators position to encourage our children to disrespect anyone.”

But not everyone found the scarecrow to be offensive.

“I’m fine with it. Left-leaning indoctrination has been occurring in every grade level, since, forever. Kids will graduate and quickly see that the real world doesn’t play by elementary school rules … ” wrote one.

“I could honestly care less there are more important things to focus on,” wrote another.

CBS2’s Greg Mills said the scarecrow has everyone talking and he talked to several parents who were decidedly on both sides of the debate.

“We need to have respect for our president and to allow young children to depict the president in that manner is disrespectful,” said one woman who chose to remain anonymous.

Mills reported that the school conducts a scarecrow contest every year — class against class. And many found a scarecrow of the president, classless.

One parent questioned why Trump looked scary while the other scarecrows in the contest appeared to be happy.

While some called for the teacher’s firing many also stood up for her calling her an exceptional teacher.

One father said it was the kids’ idea and the Trump image was one the student owned.

Mills reached Lee Morrell with the school district for a comment but told him the district hasn’t had a chance to look  into it — they were unaware of the firestorm until this morning.

Sara Barsh, the president of the school’s Parent-Teacher Club wrote, “I apologize if this is offensive. I do not believe it is the student’s intention to be political.”

Comments (76)
  1. What if they did this to Obama? Now, that would be RACIEST. You can’t do that. Meanwhile we have a few congress women who spend the whole year looking like they are trick or treaters. Rosa DeLauro and Frederica Williams. But they are Democrats, and Democrats can look like rodeo clowns, that’s fine. If a Republican does that they are mental patients and should be removed. I see. Nice teaching schools in CA! You are turning out more people who will grow up clueless that their state is failed. They won’t be able to make a living there, and they will blame everyone else. This is why I moved out of CA.

    1. Actually Karla They did it to Obama Many times Including hanging in effigy

      1. Rob Gunn says:

        Did they cut the head off of Barry like what was done to President Trump?
        Barry Soetoro should have been hung as a Traitor to America.

      2. Wrong. There was no burning effigy of Obama hung in front of an ELEMENTARY school in this country.

      3. Show the one in front of an elementary school.

    2. they need to fire the principle and the teacher, we have a wonderful President! how dare they do this! how dare they indoctrinate our children! fire them all! MAGA!

  2. Jack Davis says:

    If it were Obama, they wouldn’t be calling it a “scarecrow.” It would be a “crucified effigy” and the people who put it up would be prosecuted for a hate crime.

  3. How could they say this “is not political”??

    Sorry, but for any TEACHER to even ALLOW this is just sick… What would those teachers have said if they wanted to put Pelosi or Hillary on as scarecrows (hey, both are kind of scary looking, especially when they smile)? Sorry, but that wouldn’t be right either. They need to teach these children that THIS IS BULLYING just like anything else. I thought teachers were against bullying! Guess it depends on who the ‘victim’ is…

  4. Using children for politics, now low is too low.

    1. Not as low as the rodeo clown using a dead soldier and his grieving widow

      1. No president should be treated with disrespect period. I am a Republican and even though I didn’t vote for Obama I still considered him my president and respected him. It’s time for people to grow up.

  5. D.r. Pierce says:

    Fire the Principal & the teacher for allowing Hate, assassination of position of President. Than the parents need to sue each one of these two educators for trying to thwart there bias and pervert political views upon the innocent children of the school. But nothing will happen. Its Cali, and leftist perversion of liberal views are out the window.

  6. I bet the school still has a picture of Obama on the wall but no Trump. Typical “educators” have to preach their politics to elementary school students because no one else is receptive to their propaganda.

  7. Jeff Gibson says:

    Parents, get your kids out of public schools as soon as you can! Public school teachers will psychologically condition your kids to hate their country, hate you, their parents, and even to hate themselves so much, that they will grow up to no longer want to have children of their own. I wish I’d never sent my kids to public school.

  8. riosam77 says:

    Just one more plank in the indoctrination platform of the left. I don’t believe for a minute that was done by a student! I would bet more likely a teacher! Most assuredly, an adult!

  9. Remember these are the people teaching your kids!

  10. I’m a big Trump supporter and totally support this if it will keep illegal immigrants and their kids away from the publicly-funded school, any other publicly-funded service, or the country in general.

  11. It’s called the Trump effect! For Liberals to go this low, it only tells us one thing, they are out of options against Trump! All they can do now is make a mockery of themselves which I love it.

  12. Imagine if a rodeo clown dressed up as Obama…..

  13. Jimmy VA says:

    Just imagine if someone did this to 0b*ma. They’d have rioted and looted for new 55″ Televisions in a town near you. We have had enough disrespect. Slap a Liberal Snow Flake today. Hard.

  14. If this is soooo innocent, where Obama and HRC? Remember when people were screaming racism and sexism? Liberals, just having it both ways.

  15. Vox Veritas says:

    Democrats being hypocritical = Run-of-the-mill dog bites man story. Not news.

  16. Bob Ussery says:

    It’s simple; remove funds from schools that show dis-repsect for the POTUS. This should never be tolerated.

  17. Dale Warren says:

    The remedy for radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat, political activists masquerading as school board members, administrators, and faculty members in order to indoctrinate elementary school students to hate Western Civilization in general and the U.S. in particular is to go beyond getting up in arms and actually replacing each and everyone of them with folks who are pro-American. Meanwhile, pull your kids out of such bizarre “re-education camps” and send them to private schools or home school them.

  18. My concern is that we are teaching children it is OK to be disrespectful. Eventually they are going to try and hold a job. In many cases they are NOT going to like their immediate boss/manager and probably not respect them either. If they are not taught to show respect, even when they might be an idiot, they are going to get fired A LOT for insubordination. Regardless of political opinion, its important to teach people to not show disrespect for their chain of command. The president pretty-much falls at the top of that list for teachers as they are regulated by the executive branch. Freedom of speech does not guarantee you the right to keep your job if you tell the CEO of your company that you think he is a brainless idiot or say you wish he was dead or had cancer. Nobody bothers to make this a teaching moment and this bothers me the most.

  19. Mike DeYoung says:

    “I could honestly care less there are more important things to focus on,” wrote another.

    Yes, like making sure there is nothing like this done to Obama or any other leftist! Remember how anyone who wore on Obama mask, or dressed up as an Obama clown for a rodeo was fired or condemned? But since it is an R, who cares.

  20. Class under teacher’s direction makes scarecrow of the President and the school super says, “I don’t think they intended it to be political” I think I will send them an anti racist anti political pin the tail on Michelle Obama game.

    1. Her tail doesn’t need any help.

  21. Stu Pedasso says:

    And those knuckleheads are teaching our children? Sounds like another great argument in favor of home schooling.

  22. Will Cate says:

    Hell, it’s not even a good scarecrow.

  23. Haters are going to hate and indoctrinate the minds of our children starting in grade school.

  24. The principal should commit harakiri it’s the honorable thing to do!

  25. David Marty says:

    Put up one of Obama to see outrage, accusations of racism and a completely different reaction from the school administration as well as the media.

  26. Frank Walker says:

    Typical California. Support Calexit. And you California kooks are welcome to take Hawaii with you.

  27. Kurt Frommd says:

    A Scarecrow likeness of Trump is OK, as long as it does not wear a sombrero. That could be perceived as racist.

  28. If they really wanted to scare people, they should write the national debt on a piece of cardboard and hang it from a tree.

  29. This story link is on, which has the real news about California.

  30. It’s California, what else did you expect from the left coast?

  31. Pete Dosado says:

    Relax fellow citizens! In America it is totally acceptable to act like complete fools and prove it by uttering the “I’m sorry” after the offense!

  32. Bob Forsberg says:

    All the scarecrows I have ever seen look like Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters. Trump as the scarecrow is sexist and needs to be taken down immediately, before the school children in California become confused about their gender, more than they are now.

  33. Su Yu says:

    The teachers wouldn’t have allowed Obama’s face there….hypocrites.

  34. Keith Diggs says:

    How can you respect a President who has no respect for anyone else, see Myeshia Johnson.

  35. Lew Ferrin says:

    The real President Trump is scary enough without using him to ruin Halloween. The Trump “treat” would be for the President to apologize to Myeshia Johnson.

  36. Jonah Kyle says:

    Quick check: If this were Obama, would it be cool? If your feelings aren’t EXACTLY THE SAME, then you are a hypocrite. End of line.

  37. As is typically the case-liberals are incredibly hypocritical. Maybe California can just fall off into the ocean-what a state. May God have mercy on their souls.

  38. Mike Tor says:

    Where is the Scarecrow of Clinton/Sanders?

  39. Piper Rose says:

    We had an actual scary witch running for president this time last year. Poor kids will be in recovery the rest of their lives!

  40. Ah radical liberal love, tolerance and indoctrination. I’m sure these kids will be just fine. No emotional development issues at all.

  41. The Principle should be fired because a. Responsible for EVERYTHING at that school, b. Created an atmosphere that made teachers believe this was acceptable and c. Tried to push blame off on a student saying it was his poster and idea. UNACCEPTABLE on so many levels.

    If a kid had wanted to put Maxine Waters on a scarecrow(a truely scary image) he would have been expelled.

  42. Gene Easley says:

    No wonder California is rapidly becoming third world and the worst state in the union to live.

  43. “I do not believe it is the student’s intention to be political.” Right. The kid is being educated on politics either at home and/or school. He knows the scarecrow will cause a stir. Liberal indoctrination in schools is rampant. It has been going on for decades.

  44. Pete Wagner says:

    Dumb fools are easier and easier to spot these days.

  45. Grizz Mann says:

    I apologize ‘if” this was offensive. ”If” not just enjoy. Democrats Love the ”IF” apology.

  46. Well, at least the kids know that: She. Didn’t. Win. That one will NEVER get old…

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