GRANADA HILLS (CBSLA) — Bread is Steffi Gutierrez’s passion and a new refrigerated delivery truck for her goods was a luxury. She was so upset to wake up Monday morning to find someone had vandalized it. The person was caught on video.

“We invested a lot into that van so it breaks our heart a bit that it got tagged,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez paid upwards of $500 to have most of the graffiti cleaned off. But residue still remains.

Her business, Breadologie in Granda Hills, is less than 2-years old. The cost of removing the permanent marker is a big expense.

“It’s just one other thing for us to work hard to remove and it takes away from what we’re trying to achieve.”

Breadologie wasn’t the only business hit.

Several businesses down the alley were tagged as well that morning. Same color, same writing so presumably same culprit, police say.

Gutierrez filed a police report and hopes someone will recognize the vandal on tape so he doesn’t hurt more small business owners.

“It’d be nice if he could go fix what he did with the other places down the block, clean it up at least.”


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