LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — For some customers caught up in yet another data breach, this Pizza Hut delivery was much too late.

The company on Saturday informed what it says is a “small percentage” of its customers about a hack in early October that may have compromised some personal information.

An email from Pizza Hut shared on social media referred to the hack as a “temporary security intrusion” that occurred between Oct. 1-2 and affected what the company claimed was less than one percent of customers on its website and mobile app around that time period.

And while the scope of the hack appeared to be limited, affected customers took to social media to express frustration over why it took Pizza Hut nearly two weeks to disclose the breach.

pizz2 Customers Complain About Delayed Data Breach Response From Pizza Hut

(Screencap via Twitter)

Pizza Hut is the sixth major company to reveal a privacy breach since September, along with companies like Equifax, Yahoo, and Whole Foods.


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