VENTURA (CBSLA)    The owners of Cronies bar and restaurant say they aren’t pulling some kind of Halloween prank.

But on video they have surveillance tape clearly showing furniture moving about the place — and on its own.

Furniture. Moving. Without. Anyone. Touching. It.

Spooky! What gives?

CBS2’s Amy Johnson spoke to the co-owner and patrons to get to the bottom of the paranormal mystery.

One eerie tape shows a group of bar stools  — when one just topples over.  This happened in the middle of the night when there was no one around.

The general manager at Cronies made a video using the footage from the security camera a few weeks ago posting it on social media.

Two weeks later, some more unexplained movement. This time it was move subtle but a chair could be seen moving.

A lady having lunch noticed the moving chair and checked it out.

“For this to happen it’s pretty creepy,” said Dave Foldes, Cronies co-owner.

Foldes started Cronies decades ago, a place for friends to hang out.

“It’s just really weird. We’ve been here 27 years nothing weird like this has ever happened,” Foldes said.

Customers who’ve seen the video don’t seem to be frightened by the unusual movement.

“It’s just funny,” said Kristie. “Interesting.”

“I’m okay until it’s my chair that moves,” said Corey.

But others, well, they’re not so sure.

“So many people come here and go — maybe it’s haunted,” said customer Juan Munoz.

The restaurant’s walls are filled with pictures of employees and patrons no longer with us.

The owners think they have nothing but good spirits (for a bar, that’s appropriate) walking around.

Two men in particular have left memories.

“Ralph and Don. They were our first originals. They actually introduced me to my wife. And they died 25 years ago,” Foldes says. “Whenever something funny happens, we blame it on them.”

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  2. Gavin Smith says:

    Great marketing idea Cronies! We’re tanking here, why don’t we make people believe our failing restaurant is haunted around Halloween? Maybe that will “scare up” some business.

    1. So fake…and so effective at increasing business…smart!

  3. We’ll take their word for it that it’s not a hoax, meanwhile, they can enjoy all the free advertisement.

  4. Looks like someone wants publicity for his restaurant.

  5. Silly people… There is no haunting. It is your military industrial complex using their very expensive toys like EMR to move objects. Secret technology from the cabal. They can make objects move and knock out a human being in a single flash. So, need to wake up to your world. If you have Electromagnetic technology you can move anything. Tesla technology. It is called Electronic Harrassment. You have a shadow govt playing with chairs and that is all.

  6. Anything to get the customers back, eh? Maybe they should just call Gordon Ramsey

  7. The video of the bar stool looks edited. There is a “Force Jump” right when it starts to move.

  8. Mike Stewart says:

    Nothing to see here. ‘Tis the season folks! I wonder if business is slow? Look anyone could be behind the scenes with fishing line pulling these chairs. If you look at the way they rock, pretty much proves its not an entity. If you were a ghost would you waste your time knocking chairs over? Come on!

  9. Don McCoy says:

    I know what it ISN’T: ghosts!

    1. John Akridge says:

      Exactly! No such thing as ghosts. All ghost sightings and phenomenon are demonic activity masquerading as ‘spirits’, friendly or otherwise in an attempt to deceive humans of which they despise because we are all loved by Jesus. When Aliens come and reveal themselves, rest assured they are demonic inter-dimensional beings here to once again deceive mankind and lead us away from the Truth of Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus so you won’t be decieved. And eat your veggies.

  10. Mark Em says:

    Now I’ve seen everything – a restaurant having it’s 15 minutes of fame.

  11. Tom Hunt says:

    The spirits of the decease like to hang out in bars and restaurants. Places of enjoyment during their mortal life. I personally have seen movements of inanimate objects in bars before.

  12. Bill Wheeler says:

    the only thing worse than a ghost on video are people who actually believe in ghosts….but if these dummies want to give this place money who am I to argue it?

  13. RC Tod says:

    Amazing what a little fishing line can do!

  14. Has anyone questioned the Amazing Kreskin concerning this mystery?

  15. This is clearly a hoax; cashing in just in time for Halloween. There is some fishing line laid down, and it’s just a prank. Once again, we see why you just can’t take the liberal media seriously on anything – they don’t even have the resources necessary to debunk a simple gag, and now because of their stupidity and gullibility, this little hole in the wall restaurant is getting lots of free press. I say good for the restaurant to take advantage of the idiocy of the liberal media.

  16. Aww, take a chill pill, everyone. It might be legit. Sometimes mysterious and unexplained things happen. This just might be one of those weird things.

  17. one of your customers is filling the chairs with gas…

  18. Todd Nanfito says:

    I was sitting at my computer desk at home, several years ago, and I had an empty pill bottle, from a prescription I needed to refill. I was sitting still, and I looked at the bottle, and it toppled over, all by itself. No wind, no outside forces upon it. To this day, I cannot tell you why it did that. It defies Physics.

  19. Dave Johnson says:

    “The owners of Cronies bar and restaurant say they aren’t pulling some kind of Halloween prank.” Yeah…right. Look at all the free publicity their bar is getting from this scam, which will also draw locals in to see the ‘haunted’ bar….yeah, sure , it’s not a scam….real ghosts.

  20. boocatbutterbee says:

    Mono-filament fishing line is virtually invisible.