LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Security video from a Whole Foods Market in a Fairfax District shows a man in a white t-shirt swiping purses when customers are looking at grocery selections.

The LAPD says the thief was caught on camera twice.  His technique is the same each time.  He comes up from behind when the victims are distracted after they turn their backs from their shopping carts. That’s when the thief reaches into their handbags, pulls out the wallets or purses, then casually walks away, police said.

CBSLA showed the video to Chelsea and Evan Butler.  Chelsea says after watching it, it’s a lesson learned.

“That’s so crazy! That’s so bold, that is so shady,” Chelsea said. “Definitely not going to do that anymore. Yeah, I leave my purse in my cart all the time.”

Said Evan: “Smooth operator…he’s good at it.”

Kim Grant watched the video too and says this is why she never leaves her purse in her cart.

“The way he operated was so sneaky,” Grant said. “See, that’s why I’m holding it like this. They can’t snatch this.”

Investigators say the thief was wearing a white shirt, gray pants and black tennis shoes.


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