SIMI VALLEY (CBSLA) — Don’t take candy from strangers. But what about sexual offenders?

The Simi Valley City Council decided on Monday night to overturn a law aimed at protecting children from sexual predators. City leaders say the law wouldn’t stand up in a legal appeal so they killed it.

There will now be nothing to stop registered sex offenders in Simi Valley from interacting with trick-or-treaters. So when Halloween rolls around in a couple of weeks, parents say they’ll be a lot more vigilant.

The ordinance involved registered sex offenders on the California Megan’s Law website. The law says they can’t answer their doors to trick-or-treating children, can’t decorate the outside of their homes or front lawns and are required to turn off outdoor lighting from 5 p.m. to midnight on Halloween.

“As a mom I would support something like that,” said Simi Valley resident Cindy Cole at the council meeting.

“People are very angry over some of these acts that these type of people have committed,” said Chelsea Watson of Simi Valley.

Mayor Bob Huber and the city council enacted the law in 2012, but since then two federal lawsuits have been filed saying the law is unconstitutional.

In response to the latest one filed on Sept. 18 and seeing that the law is hard to defend based on cases across the state, city officials recommended repealing it and they did Monday night.

“I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that my son was trick-or-treating at a sex offender’s house,” said Watson. “However I think we need to think of the ramifications of making that person visible to the community.”

Since the ordinance was repealed Monday night, the lawsuit filed on Sept. 18 will be dismissed.

The city attorney added that since the law was passed in 2012 there have been no arrests, no citations and no prosecutions.

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  1. Will Allen says:

    I love the yearly Halloween “SEX offender” freak out. There is little that more completely epitomizes the pure through and through stupidity of the immoral, un-American “SEX offender” witch hunt.

    Let’s use our brains for a change, people – NO ONE needs the Nanny Big Government (NBG) SEX Offender Registries (SORs) to actually keep anyone safe. That is not the true purpose of the SORs. That is especially true regarding Halloween activities.

    IF you actually are going to protect your children in actual reality then you are going to have to supervise them. IF you do that, then you have no need at all for any very, very incomplete list from NBG. IF you don’t do that then you can read your SORs all day and night and you haven’t reduced the risk to your children at all. That is not what NBG propaganda will tell you of course. They will tell you that you need to treat “those people” differently and stay away from them. They will tell you that you need NBG to protect you. But you don’t. And they don’t.

    Today, we know that the SORs are not really for public safety, protecting children, or any of the other lies that were used to start the witch hunt and used to this day to maintain it.

    Today, there are no informed, intelligent, unbiased, moral Americans who support the SORs. There are no people who are serious about public safety who support it.

    People who support the SORs are profiting from it, even if the only profit is to support their weak minds and make them feel better.

    If the SORs were actually useful or protected anyone, there were be exactly 0 excuses to not have created national, public, lifetime Gun Offender Registries and 100+ other Registries well over a decade ago. But we KNOW the SORs are unnecessarily and negligibly beneficial. Experts NEVER supported the SORs. Politicians and other uninformed people who have something to gain from it do.

    We also know that people who live in the U.S. cannot responsibly have and use SORs. That goes a hundred fold for politicians, who truly are nothing more than a bunch of criminals who are a danger to free people. It is time to end NBG. It is time to end lying, pandering politicians who say “SEX offender” and who cannot grow NBG too big or too expensive or have too many laws. Governments that have SORs are criminal regimes. Do not support them or their law enforcement criminals. Keep as much resources away from them as possible. Remember “If you see something, say something”? Forget that. NBG is the last bunch of criminals that you should involve in anything.

    The good new is that the SORs are completely unnecessary and negligibly beneficial. In order to actually protect yourself and your family, in actual reality and not Registry Fantasyland, you MUST protect from ALL people. If you actually protect your family in actual reality, you have no need at all for any very, very incomplete list from NBG. The SORs are also extremely counterproductive and gravely harming America. If we were smart we would have destroyed them long ago. And destroying them will make all of us safer.

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