LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — With a series of colorful, JPop-inspired music videos, Metro is urging its riders to mind their manners and refrain from eating on its trains.

“When you ride on the bus or rail, don’t eat popcorn, meat or kale,” a purple-haired, “transit-riding magical girl Super Kind” sings in one video. “Food can smell and it makes a mess, keep LA Metro clean and fresh.”

In the videos, she transforms Power Rangers-style into her apparent superhero outfit – purple pleather skirt, white boots, light blue body suit and laser-shooting uniglasses with antennae – and faces off with an orange and pink cartoon character with two eyes named Rude Dude.

Two more videos urge riders like Rude Dude that seat hogging and blocking aisles are also “not super awesome public behaviors.”


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